Maiko Studio

¥99,000up to 4 pers.

Cancellation Policy

100% refunded if you cancel 1 month before the workshop date. No refund past that date.

Adventure Type


Max Size

4 people


3 Hours






Lighting Equipment
Professional photography guide
Shoot Location Rental
Time with geisha


Hotel Pickup

Recommended Gear

No Tripod Needed
SLR with 24-70mm lens (or a 50mm or 85mm prime lens) or mirrorless equivelant




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What’s the Story?

You find yourself in a Japanese tea house with an adjoining garden. The serenity gradually gives way to excitement as the moment draws near when a lovely Maiko, an apprentice Geisha, will arrive. Gracing us with her beauty, we spring into action as pro photographers in our very own studio—capture the elegance and charm of a Maiko.

What We’ll Shoot

You will learn how to set up lighting and work within a traditional environment that presents various challenges as well as benefits for a photoshoot. You will also be coached on posing your subject, a lovely Maiko, in order to convey emotion and express a narrative beyond mere portraiture.

Where We’ll Explore

We meet at the side entrance of the Kyoto National Museum where we will be able to use their traditional tea house called ‘Tan-an.’ The house is surrounded by a pristine Japanese style garden, transporting us to another time in history. The setting serves as an ideal photo studio, suiting our model and inspiring our eye.

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We meet in front of the side entrance of the Kyoto National Museum ('katte-guchi' in Japanese). If you arrive early, please wait to be ushered inside by the photographer. We will go to the Tan-an tea house.

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