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18-55mm zoom lens or similar




What’s the Story?

Kyoto is known for its serene temples and cultural and religious heritage. But it is also a hive of selfie-stick-wielding tourists trucked in by the busload. Comes with us, escape the masses, and find tranquility in the hidden Zen temples of Kyoto. We’ll show you the quaint and quiet sub-temples around the Nanzenji complex where we can practice photographic mindfulness and attain a state of Zen.

What We’ll Shoot

Learn how to work with various lighting conditions in the confines of Kyoto’s serene zen gardens and temples. We will explore creative and effective composition concepts for capturing the beauty of each location and enable you to create your own impressive photographs. Take these skills with you on the rest of your journey throughout Japan!

Where We’ll Explore

We avoid the famous locations cluttered with selfie sticks and throngs of tourist, and instead we take you to some of the lesser-known sub-temples around Nanzenji. There, unhindered by the crowds, we can appreciate the aesthetics of rock gardens and Buddhist temples. You’ll be struck by the sense of intimacy of a real zen experience.

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1 review for Kyoto Zen Temples | Group

  1. Adeline S

    I did 2 courses with EYExplore, both were highly enjoyable. The first was Inari after Dusk. Axel took me to secret spots primed for taking amazing shots. I especially liked the idea of using props (candles, fluorescent light, yellow light, piece of cloth etc) to make a good photo stand out more and become a great photo. In the second tour we went to Nanzenji temple and the area around it, it was peak autumn and a lot of Japanese people came to see the wonderful foliage. It was more of an impromptu session as the shots we took depended on the light, the people, the wild animals (fish in the pond, not boars…). What was really good as well was that I get to know my camera better, find hidden settings that I never used before, learn how to make good/interesting composition, learn new tricks like using flash to lighten up the foreground, etc. So I hope that from these lessons I’ll be able to take better photos in the future! But even if that’s not the case, I’ve gone home with great photos and memories from these 2 places.

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We meet outside of the entrance gate called "ChuMon" of the Nanzen-ji complex (not the temple itself). You will see a car parking lot just next to the gate.

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