Memoirs of Kyoto | Private

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2.5 Hours






Professional photography instructor


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Recommended Gear

18-55mm zoom lens or similar
35mm prime lens
Camera capable of manual modes


Street Photography


What’s the Story?

Kyoto—a city of quaint streets and picturesque avenues line with wooden houses from a time gone by. The denizens of the city still embody this old-fashioned existence. Their passion for their own heritage is embodies in their fashion and mannerisms. The city’s temples are not mere mausoleums to something long gone, but are living, breathing monuments to the spirit of the city that is Kyoto.

What We’ll Shoot

We will learn how to photograph humanity and life in the famed old streets of Kyoto. You will learn the most effective camera settings and techniques for capturing moments on the fly. We will also practice approaching people and asking them to pose for our cameras, in particular those wearing beautiful kimono, bright splashes of color and elegant patterns.

Where We’ll Explore

We will begin our journey at a quiet temple not too far from Kiyomizu-dera. The road to the famed temple atop the hill we will take us through a quiet but sprawling cemetery, filled with somber stone monoliths, a silent city testament to Kyoto’s past. This will serve as a poetic contrast to the bustling streets of Ninenzaka, filled with life. Finally, we will end our journey into the past on the calm back streets of Gion.

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We meet at the entrance to Otani Hombyō at the beginning of the bridge leading in side. There is a bus stop and taxi stand right in front, on the street.

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