Osaka Bespoke Photo Adventure

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Recommended Gear

18-55mm zoom lens or similar
Camera capable of manual modes

Custom Experience

Cyberpunk Dream

Underground Osaka

What’s the Story?

Osaka is a burgeoning city rivaling Tokyo in shear scope and urban grit. Despite being often compared to its larger counterpart, Osaka is offers an old-school vibe that harks bag to golden age of modern Japan: the Shōwa era (also known as the bubble era). The city is chock full of relics of a time gone by. Join us on an adventure into nostalgia on the neon-lit streets of Osaka.

What We’ll Shoot

We’ll photograph a range of subjects, from people to gritty street, to traffic streaming through the busy centers of Osaka, such as Umeda and Namba. In the day time we can concentrate on the architecture and old-style markets, while in the evening we recommend the neon-filled districts of Namba or Kitashinchi. Whatever your interested, we’ll be sure to craft a unique experience for you.

Where We’ll Explore

Together we’ll explore the retro-districts of Osaka such as Shinsekai with its narrow lanes filled with arcades and old-timers playing shogi. We can delve deeper into the old-school by visiting Tsuruhashi and getting lost in its maze of covered shopping streets and cluttered markets. It’s also hard to miss Umeda and Kitashinchi with the neon-glitz of old. Of course, we’ll be happy to customize the route to make the photo adventure exactly what you are looking for!

EYExplore Osaka Photo Tour & Workshop - Exploring the gritty rooftops of Osaka during our urbex photography workshop
Exploring the gritty rooftops of Osaka during our urbex photography workshop

So, what exactly is a ‘Bespoke Photo Adventure’?

We will put together a customized itinerary for you based on your interests and our expert knowledge of the city. We will pull the best concepts and locations from our well-polished photo adventures and craft an experience that’s unique for you. In addition, our professional guide will pick you up at your hotel at the optimal time to ensure a smooth and efficient day of shooting in the city. And as a bonus, we will also provide, a custom itinerary around your Bespoke Photo Adventure with us. This means that we will help you plan your other shooting days so you can be sure to capture great photos even after our adventure, so you can get insider advice on where to go and what to shoot during the rest of your stay in the city.

In short, a Bespoke Photo Adventure includes the following:

  1. 6 hours of customized time with a professional photo trainer
  2. A combination of our best photo adventures or a completely customized itinerary
  3. Hotel Pick up / Drop off
  4. Bonus itinerary advice for the rest of your time in the city

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