Osaka By Night

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2.5 Hours






Professional photography instructor


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Recommended Gear

18-55mm zoom lens or similar
Camera capable of manual modes
Tripod is required (available for rent)

Long Exposure

Night Photography

Night Street Photo

What’s the Story?

As the sun sets, the night breaths life into the Osaka metropolis. After dusk the city is bathed in a colorful blend of incandescent and tungsten light. Capture the dreamscape of people, traffic, and city lights in your camera. We’ll freeze the hordes of people against a backdrop of bustling traffic—light smeared in vivid rainbow of iridescent hues.

What We’ll Shoot

Equipped with our tripods we will decipher the camera’s manual settings and capture long exposures in the city. We will use the traffic’s constant motion to create breathtaking compositions of light trails. At times, we switch to handheld photography and work on low light street photography to capture the mood of Osaka at night.

Where We’ll Explore

We begin in the bustling heart of the city at Osaka station. After exploring its labyrinthine walkways and passages, we will go out into the Umeda district—the nightlife capital of the city. We will end our exploration in the Kitashinchi entertainment district, known for its glitzy bars and extravagant neon signage.

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We meet inside JR Osaka station at the "Toki no Hiroba" square in front of the big golden clock. This square is located on the connection bridge above the train tracks. When in doubt, ask the station staff* about "Toki no Hiroba."

If you are in Osaka...
1. Go to JR Osaka station
2. Head towards the "Connecting Bridge"
3. Take the escalators up towards the 5th floor
4. You should see a big Golden clock soon
5. You are at "Toki no Hiroba", the meeting spot
6. When in doubt ask station/information staff for "Toki no Hiroba" square*

If you come from Kyoto...
1. Go to JR Kyoto station
2. Take an express train towards Osaka (20 minutes)
3. DO NOT take the Shinkansen
4. Upon arrival go up the escalator on the platform
5. Alight at the "Bridge Exit"
6. Pass the turnstile head right towards "North Central Exit"
7. Take the escalators up towards the golden clock
8. You are at "Toki no Hiroba", the meeting spot
9. When in doubt ask station/information staff for "Toki no Hiroba" square*

* Osaka station is a maze, when asking for directions don't ask a local looking person: ask station personnel only!

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