Streets of Tokyo: Halloween

¥18,000per person

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Adventure Type


Max Size

3 people


3 Hours






Professional photography trainer


Hotel Pickup
Train Fare (~¥170)

Recommended Gear

18-55mm zoom lens or similar
35mm prime lens
Camera capable of manual modes
Flash (hot shoe)

Flash Photography

Halloween in Tokyo

Night Street Photo

What’s the Story?

Halloween has quickly becomes Tokyo’s largest ‘festival’ spanning multiple days at the end of October with its epicenter in Shibuya. The costumed revelers turn the streets into one giant party fueled by alcohol and music blasting from party cars adorned in LEDs. The festivities last a few days, culminating on the 31st, with each night getting a bit more raucous and chaotic—all the while the police present and maintaining order and safety, setting the stage for entertaining juxtapositions.

What We’ll Shoot

Shibuya on Halloween is a streets photographer’s dream. People are abound and happy to be photographed, but the shooting conditions come with their own challenges. The streets of Shibuya in the late hours are not very bright, and the revelers—often inebriated—don’t stand very still. So, we will work on street photography with the use of flash. Flash photography techniques will allow us to capture the action in vivid detail, with rich colors and sharp contrast.

Where We’ll Explore

The heard of Halloween in Tokyo is Shibuya. The famous Hachiko crossing is ground zero for the largest unofficial festival in Tokyo. We’ll meet in Shinjuku, set our cameras, and then take a train into the belly of the beast. From their, we’ll make our way around Shibuya’s main streets and back alleys in search of the characters and moments that tell the tale of Tokyo’s Halloween.

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We meet in front of the entrance to the Odakyu Department Store on west side of JR Shinjuku Station. The sign above the entrance reads 'Shinjuku Terrace City.'

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