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Private Photo Workshop

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• Professional photo instructor


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• A comfy pair of shoes
• Phone or basic camera
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EYExplore Tokyo Photo Tour & Workshop - Photographers exploring Shibuya during Streets of Tokyo street photography workshop
Photographers exploring Shibuya during Streets of Tokyo street photography workshop

What’s the Story?

Follow the footsteps of famed streets photographers such as Tatsuo Suzuki or Daido Moriyama and shoot the wildlife of the Tokyo jungle. Vivid colors, funky fashion, and friendly street life await you in Harajuku and Shibuya, the center of youth culture in Tokyo.

What We’ll Shoot

Get out of your comfort zone and get close to the locals on this street photography workshop. Learn how to shoot in the chaos of Tokyo’s crowds and get confidence in approaching strangers and shooting candid photos in public. You’ll also be coached on various composition techniques that will enhance your photos, such as creatively utilizing reflections and contrasting light.

Where We’ll Explore

We will start in Harajuku and dive into the masses of people on Takeshita street. Seeking a respite from the chaos, we’ll explore a hidden shrine and garden, before heading back into the crowds of Omotesando. Finally, we will venture on to Shibuya and explore its back alleys and hidden districts such as Nonbeiyokocho (Drunkard’s Lane).

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

  1. thespicynugget

    We had the tour with Lukasz; myself and my fiancee, who’s a bit less into cameras than I am. Lukasz was very patient and showed both of us proper settings to use for different environments or shots, as well as getting the correct composition. He took us through Harajuku and Shibuya, as well as through areas you’d never see as a typical tourist. The shots we took were amazing and really helped up my street photography to another level. Would highly recommend anyone into street photography, or is simply learning how to take better photos.

  2. stone_duncan

    I was on work trip and with a few hours on Sunday took this tour. I really learned a lot about techniques to use in street photography and thoroughly enjoyed a fun 3 hours. I can really recommend this tour.

  3. koshimatsu


  4. merlinaadamsmx

    I took many photo tours with eyexplore, and will do it again, We saw parts of Japan that ate not the most common, The guides, in my case Lucazs, wats very king and yelp a lot with my camera settings, spevially at night, and sharon ideas. I really recomend this tour for begginers or advanced photographers.

  5. TLITs

    I had a great time exploring the small corners of Shibuya, capturing the unique moments I never would have found on my own. On top of that I picked up plenty of tips to better my photo game! Highly recommend!

  6. Yvette R

    Do you want to develop your photography skills, have fun and want guaranteed cool photo’s of Tokyo? I can recommend to book a workshop with Eyexplore. When I was in Tokyo I did the ‘Streets of Tokyo’ workshop with a friend. Lukasz showed us around, gave us advice and some tips and tricks so we were guaranteed to shoot some cool photo’s in Tokyo. It was a very practical workshop. I improved my photography skills and I will certainly use Lukasz tips in other cities as well.

  7. Moos W

    Fantastische middag gehad onder begeleiding van Stephane, zeer mooie fotos gemaakt en superveel nieuwe dingen geleerd over mijn camera. Echt een aanrader als je Tokio’s mooie plekken door een andere lens wilt bekijken!!!!!!

  8. mrcheese2

    Me and my partner did the “Streets of Tokyo” tour in the begining of July. I have years of experience working with images and photographers, while my partner basically never held a camera before. The guide was excellent, both as a photographer and teaches at all levels. Also in the role as a tour leader. He made us enjoyed this tour as much both. I highly recommend this tour. You don’t need to not much about photography. It is a great and fun way to see and feel Tokyo. You also get Interesting pictures to show back home.

  9. Harry S

    I was lucky enough to work with Stephane. We did the Street Photography tour as I had a beginners interest in shooting candid street shots. It was both an educational and fun experience – Stephane addressed all my needs. I wanted to focus on people and over-coming the fear of approaching strangers. He gave me both technical and practical tips. We moved quickly through several spots in Tokyo that were conducive to lots of interesting shots. Time flies quickly so be ready to move. One tip: go for an afternoon session to take advantage of sundown when you can get all sorts of nice shots. Def recommend! Another note: clear your memory card and bring back up batteries! Youll be shooting a lot so youll need them

  10. Th0mas2011

    As I was not sure how street and people photography in Tokyo would work, I booked a workshop with EYEexplore, and did not regret – all expectations were met/exceeded, Lukasz is a great guide plus a patient and competent teacher with a fantastic knowledge of photo locations. Great fun and great learnings! A clear recommendation.

  11. bjreimann

    My husband and I both did the “Streets of Tokyo” tour and thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned so much about street photography and had fun seeing different parts of Tokyo at the same time! Would highly recommend no matter what your level of photography skills!

  12. David H

    This street treat is brilliant. Stephane is a professional photographer who explains, demonstrates and guides perfectly. We had a wonderful couple of hours wandering around a very interesting part of the world. As a hobby photographer who has done a bunch of tours, I HIGHLY recommend this one.

  13. pimenco

    Just that technical push I needed to take my images to the next level to really show the exceptional experience I have walking around in Tokyo.

  14. MEDOM9000

    I had a great tour with Lukasz for the Streets of Tokyo. He took the time to get to know me, my current skill level and experience with street photography, and my goals for this tour. He kept all of that in mind throughout the afternoon. He checked my photos and gave feedback, as well as showed me his photos so I could see examples. Lukasz was enthusiastic, friendly, and professional. I plan to take more tours with EYExplore.

  15. empress_cherry

    I did the street photography tour with Stephane, it was really fun and really useful. I’ve been a street photography enthusiast for some time but still learned some new techniques. More importantly, I learned how to go about street photography in Japan, which was extremely useful for the rest of my trip (the appropriate way to go about street photography varies hugely between countries, so it’s great to be able to learn that from someone relatively local). The customer service at Eyexplore is excellent – I had some trouble booking online and used the email help, I got an acknowledgment in just a few hours, then another reply a day later saying the issue had been rectified and giving me a discount for my troubles!

  16. Nicholas

    Lukasz was a super friendly and encouraging guide. He helped to push me out of my comfort zone with street photography which not only got me some killer shots, but helped overcome my own mental barrier to shooting candid street shots which will stay with me for many shooting sessions to come. We had an absolute blast along the way to boot. An awesome way to spend an evening in Tokyo

  17. guerinjohn1

    I had a business trip in Tokyo with free Sunday. I looked up photographyclasses and workshops in Tokyo and found Eyexplore. They offer a Street photography workshop and I signed up for it. It was great and the workshop landed on Halloween. It was a great experience to see all the kids dressed up in the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya. Stephane went over many aspects of photography and worked with me on how to improve composition and the story you wish to tell. He explained how a story is formed in your mind and how your mind then applies that to a photo. He showed me many techniques I knew and didn’t know of or hadn’t tried and how to best execute them. My favorites we’re the double exposure, mirror reflection(a building in the city had the coolest array of mirrors that gave a kaleidoscope effect) and window reflection techniques. If you have the time it is a great value and the experience will greatly increase your knowledge and give you a great experience with the culture in Japan. Sincerely, John Guerin

  18. deddans

    I was lucky enough to have Stephane instruct me on a street photography tour of old and new Japan. I was doubly lucky as no one else had booked ( maybe the rainy weather put them off) so I had a private tour. The rain was a blessing as the atmosphere created great reflections. Stephane tailored the tour to suit my needs and I learnt many new techniques such as layering, reflection tricks, movement and perspective all done in a friendly, informative manner. I highly recommend this tour and do not be put off by bad weather!

  19. Chris H

    Stephane led me on the Streets of Tokyo tour through Harajuku and Shibuya. As a novice, Stephane quickly assessed my skill level and provided helpful tips throughout the tour. He consistently provided constructive feedback on how to improve my shots. Street photography is new to me, and I’m shy about getting close to people and taking their picture. From the beginning of the tour and throughout, Stephane provided encouragement and instilled confidence that motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and try new approaches to taking photos. He also showed me a whole new way of creative thinking in visualizing my shots. Stephane is a motivated, passionate photographer; he got excited when he quickly saw an opportunity for his own shot, but also got equally excited when I was able to get a few good shots myself. Bottom line: I highly recommend you take a tour with Stephane and the EYExplore team. The tour is an excellent way to see well known, and lesser known sites in Harajuku and Shibuya areas. I will definitely go on their other tours when I travel back to Japan. You’ll walk away with some great shots, and become a better photographer to boot.

  20. markgz2016

    A fantastic tour and well worth the money and time no matter the photography experience. I do these in every city I travel to and this one was top draw. Axel was great. On time. Knew his stuff. Friendly and accommodating. Very helpful with tips and traps. The tour took me to some great locations and back streets that I would never have ventured on my own. I learned a lot about the city and street photography in general. Thank you for a great night!

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We meet at Harajuku JR Station at the Omotesando Exit in front of the 'Information Map' just outside the turnstiles on the sidewalk.

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