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18-55mm zoom lens or similar
Camera capable of manual modes

Custom Experience

Deep Tokyo

Insider's Guide

EYExplore Tokyo Photo Tour & Workshop - Trying new techniques for shooting architecture during photo tour
Trying new techniques for shooting architecture during photo tour

What’s the Story?

Tokyo is a metropolis unlike any other, seamlessly mixing Japanese aesthetics and tradition with a futurism as retro as it is modern. The city seduces photographers with its neon lights, gritty alleyways, and smoky locales. But it can be overwhelming and finding the path to adventure can be daunting. So, come with us if you want to shoot!

What We’ll Shoot

Your guide will customize your photo adventure for you. We will shoot anything that interests you, which could range from architecture to shrines and temples to the fashion sense of the people of Harajuku. Let us craft a photo adventure that takes you to the subjects that make Tokyo a one-of-a-kind experience for you.

Where We’ll Explore

The Tokyo metropolis is a massive expanse of concrete, spanning for miles in every direction, with scattered urban hubs such as Shinjuku and Shibuya that each could be their own major city anywhere else on earth. We’ll craft a path through this urban jungle that leads to the places that offer the most exciting photographic opportunities.

EYExplore Tokyo Photo Tour & Workshop - Street photography workshop in Shibuya
Street photography workshop in Shibuya

So, what exactly is a ‘Bespoke Photo Adventure’?

We will put together a customized itinerary for you based on your interests and our expert knowledge of the city. We will pull the best concepts and locations from our well-polished photo adventures and craft an experience that’s unique for you. In addition, our professional guide will pick you up at your hotel at the optimal time to ensure a smooth and efficient day of shooting in the city. And as a bonus, we will also provide, a custom itinerary around your Bespoke Photo Adventure with us. This means that we will help you plan your other shooting days so you can be sure to capture great photos even after our adventure, so you can get insider advice on where to go and what to shoot during the rest of your stay in the city.

In short, a Bespoke Photo Adventure includes the following:

  1. 6 hours of customized time with a professional photo trainer
  2. A combination of our best photo adventures or a completely customized itinerary
  3. Hotel Pick up / Drop off
  4. Bonus itinerary advice for the rest of your time in the city

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

  1. DiditMehtaPariadi

    We do a lot of travel around the country and around the world. We both loves photography too, mainly landscapes. We took bespoke Tokyo, a private trip program l, right away knowing that Lukasz will be our mentor for 6 hours. It turned to be more than our expectation. Lukasz is very creative photographer, and give us a step by step architecture, human interest and night photography. He knew every corner of the city and how to make the best of it. Not only we learned new ways of taking photography, we also been teached how to think out of the box, take creative composition and make the best of our cameras. We highly recommend EYExplore for those who want to know more about Tokyo and take the best shots of it.

  2. Sara

    My husband and I really enjoyed our bespoke photo tour with Lucasz! He was incredibly friendly and knew so much about the best parts of Tokyo and he’s a very talented photographer and excellent instructor! My husband is a good photographer and I’m much more of a beginner and we both learned so much. such a great experience!

  3. NoobieWan

    Had the opportunity to attend a private tour with Charles early December 2018. Can’t recommend him enough. Very flexible, will undoubtedly bend around your needs or schedule. We explored the rooftop of Ginza 6 while it was not in the planning on a whim and got great pictures out of it. Very friendly, good conversationalist, 6 hours flew by, did not get a single chance to get bored, even through all the train transfers. We even decided to skip dinner just to have more of the tour. Good guidance, he was very apt at judging our level in photography. He spent more time going around Tokyo and showing us the pictures, explaining what makes them interesting and letting us try for ourselves, instead of delving on the technical aspects and assumed we knew how to use our own gears. Still got to learn a neat trick with the tripod out of it.

  4. Dee4137

    I have traveled several times to Japan, usually taking photographs alone. My Husband found Eyexplore online and signed me up for a daytime tour and an evening tour on the same day. Lukasz was the photography guide. The tours were fun and Lukasz really is not only a knowledgeable photographer, but also as a teacher. Lukasz was able to give guidance and suggestions for all levels of photographers in the group. I am an advanced amateur and found all of Lukasz’s suggestions advancing my abilities and my vision. One big draw is the Instructor guides have discovered hidden gems and are willing to share them. This is so you have a unique and challenging experience seeing Japan in a new and different way. On my last visit to Japan, I took a solo tour with Lukasz and I brought back fabulous photographs. I highly recommend you take a tour with Eyexplore no matter what level of a photographer you might be. You go to places you can only imagine. You will ride public transport and do quite a bit of walking. Wear comfy shoes, and limit your camera bag to make yourself more mobile. And if it says rain, do bring an umbrella. You will have a wonderful experience.

  5. Yudi

    Great mentoring and friendly staff have the session with them and I think it was great especially when I reviewed the photos taken by my wife under their mentoring process it was great definitely will book another session when I visit Japan again.

  6. Alec

    I went on a Bespoke Photo Adventure of Tokyo with Lukasz a couple of weeks ago, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to photograph Tokyo, regardless of your experience with a camera. Lukasz has great knowledge of the city, including many locations you’re unlikely to come across on your own, and is also able to provide expert knowledge of the technical and artistic aspects of photography.

  7. Barbara

    I spent a fabulous Saturday afternoon and shooting with Lukasz in Tokyo last week. Not only did he take me to fantastic places, but he opened my eyes to different compositions using unique angles and reflections. Also he knew more about my new camera (Nikon d850) than I did. I am very pleased with my photographs, and feel the results were worth the cost and climbing the occasional 10 flights of stairs. Barbara Brown Perth

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