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Private Photo Workshop

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4 people


5 Hours






• Hotel Pickup
• Professional photo instructor
• Tripod (if needed)


• Camera
• Food
• Transportation

Minimum Required Gear

• A comfy pair of shoes
• Smarphone or entry-level camera

Custom Experience

Deep Tokyo

Insider's Guide

EYExplore Tokyo Photo Tour & Workshop - Trying new techniques for shooting architecture during photo tour
Trying new techniques for shooting architecture during photo tour

What’s the Story?

Tokyo is a metropolis unlike any other, seamlessly mixing Japanese aesthetics and tradition with a futurism as retro as it is modern. The city seduces photographers with its neon lights, gritty alleyways, and smoky locales. But it can be overwhelming and finding the path to adventure can be daunting. So, come with us if you want to shoot!

What We’ll Shoot

Your guide will customize your photo adventure for you. We will shoot anything that interests you, which could range from architecture to shrines and temples to the fashion sense of the people of Harajuku. Let us craft a photo adventure that takes you to the subjects that make Tokyo a one-of-a-kind experience for you.

Where We’ll Explore

The Tokyo metropolis is a massive expanse of concrete, spanning for miles in every direction, with scattered urban hubs such as Shinjuku and Shibuya that each could be their own major city anywhere else on earth. We’ll craft a path through this urban jungle that leads to the places that offer the most exciting photographic opportunities.

EYExplore Tokyo Photo Tour & Workshop - Street photography workshop in Shibuya
Street photography workshop in Shibuya

So, what exactly is a ‘Bespoke Photo Adventure’?

We will put together a customized itinerary for you based on your interests and our expert knowledge of the city. We will pull the best concepts and locations from our well-polished photo adventures and craft an experience that’s unique for you. In addition, our professional guide will pick you up at your hotel at the optimal time to ensure a smooth and efficient day of shooting in the city. And as a bonus, we will also provide, a custom itinerary around your Bespoke Photo Adventure with us. This means that we will help you plan your other shooting days so you can be sure to capture great photos even after our adventure, so you can get insider advice on where to go and what to shoot during the rest of your stay in the city.

In short, a Bespoke Photo Adventure includes the following:

  1. 5 hours of customized time with a professional photo trainer
  2. A combination of our best photo adventures or a completely customized itinerary
  3. Hotel Pick up / Drop off
  4. Bonus itinerary advice for the rest of your time in the city

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

24 reviews for Tokyo Bespoke Photo Adventure

  1. lenswork4

    The Tokyo night tour with Lucas was exceptional in every way. In the first place, you’re out with a professional photographer, who not only has tremendous technical knowledge, he also has a definitive artistic style. Now, add in visits to both iconic and off-the-beaten-path locations and you have the recipe for great photography. Lucas makes it possible to cover a lot of ground with your goals in mind, providing the opportunity to explore your own creativity with an honest and helpful hand. I highly recommend this company/tour. On my next visit to Japan, I’ll book another tour to explore a different area with people who truly understand the art of photography, making the journey fun and exciting.

  2. Freedom04474979999

    I recently had the pleasure of joining Charles on a photography tour and workshop, and it was an exceptional experience. Charles’s expertise and passion for photography were evident throughout the tour, making it both educational and enjoyable. His ability to provide personalized guidance enhanced my skills, and the picturesque locations he chose were perfect for honing my craft. I highly recommend Charles for anyone seeking a memorable and enriching photography workshop.

  3. K820PYbruces

    Spent a great 8 hours with Lukasz exploring Tokyo. I was brought to see amazing things and Lukasz really knows Tokyo. If you want to see a non-tourist part of Tokyo and also capture it photographically this is the way to go.

  4. Robert

    I had the chance and privilege to participate in two eyexplore workshops – the Tokyo Bespoke Tour and the Tokyo Vertigo Tour. Both workshops were the main reason why I came back to Tokyo. And I was not disappointed. Charles and Lukasz, with whom I was able to spend the evenings, not only took me to places I would never have visited on my own, but I also learned a lot of different techniques during our tour. The time we spent together was also very enjoyable. I can only recommend the workshops to all those who are looking for new motifs in Tokyo and want to learn something new photographically. Thank you very much guys!

  5. Robertofsanfran

    I actually did 6 tours with Lukasz and Charles in Tokyo and all of them were excellent! I had such a good time learning how to use my camera in depth while exploring and learning about Tokyo. Every day we went to places I would never find on my own, and my good friend, who lives half the year in Tokyo, wanted to know where we went as they were new to her. So if you want to have a delightful time, learn about your camera and taking better photos, and get to know Tokyo from top to bottom, I really recommend these tours. Have fun! I am looking forward to more Tokyo photo safaris when I return!

  6. Robertofsanfran

    I had a most delightful time with Charles wandering in Tokyo from Temples to Parks to Underpasses to Vending Machines, expanding my practical knowledge of my camera and being introduced to Tokyo. We ended at the top of the Yebisu Tower (38th floor) photographing the sun setting behind Mount Fuji. Perfect! I am looking forward to another Tokyo photo safari when I return!

  7. angelafT4509NW

    Wonderful Street Shooting Experience! I loved my street tour with Lukasz! We spent several hours walking and shooting all kinds of street scenes. This was a private tour, tailor made to my interests. I could not have accomplished this much in as little time when visiting a city such as Tokyo on my own. He was very accommodating and I got nudged out of my comfort zone just a tad which was very worthwhile. It would be very easy to stay “stuck” where we are comfortable but this was a fantastic way of experiencing photography, boosting my confidence up a notch. Thank you!

  8. michaelnmelb

    Street photography in Tokyo. I was picked up by Lee from my hotel in Ginza at 4pm. We had a good chat about street photography and made a rough plan of locations I wanted to visit. Lee is very accommodating and easy to get along with. We transited via train to various areas including Akihabara, Ueno, Ikebukuru and Shinjuku. Lee picked out some of his favourite locations and also was open to explore anything that caught my eye along the way. A great guide and very helpful with composition and camera tips. Time went quickly and we ended up after 10pm. I got the train back to Ginza with a lot of memories and a great experience. Highly recommended and I would book a course with Lee any time. Thanks for the being a great guide.

  9. Joli_Papillon

    Highlight of my time in Japan! I met Lukasz for the Bespoke Tour of Tokyo late in the afternoon. For the next 6 hours, we traveled all over the city and we took various types of photos. Some were abstract from the cool interiors of office buildings near my hotel. We got some great street photos on a busy Friday evening and even used a tripod to get some light trails from a bridge. Even though my group tour was going to Senso-ji Shrine the next day, I really wanted to shoot there at night so Lukasz and I traveled there on the subway. So glad we did! I loved the images I took there and I learned more from Lukasz about the temple and shrine there than I did the next day. Lukasz is super knowledgeable about the temples, shrines, and culture as he has lived there for 15 years. Even though I am an experienced photographer, I learned a lot from Lukasz. I really enjoyed his company and I got some amazing shots! It was totally worth the money and was something I really could not have done on my own. One of the highlights of my time in Japan!

  10. 43janetteh

    This was a fabulous day shared with Lukasz who took us to some amazing places whilst sharing his knowledge of street photography. It certainly provided the opportunity to capture some amazing images but more that that, It opened our eyes to the potential and possibilities of street photography. Lukasz was so generous with his time and helping us with navigating the railways! Thank you Lukasz, it was fabulous.

  11. 568russellh

    Very impressed. Lukasz knows a ton and is great at communicating what you need to know and giving you help and advice that is right for your level. Also a very engaging personality and good fun to be with in addition to the tuition. Highly recommended.

  12. martinvI9595NR

    The tour was adjusted to my specific requirements. The staff (Lukasz) was very knowledgeable regarding both photography and the areas we visited.

  13. maseyart

    I had the pleasure of a totally bespoke tour of the back alleys of various parts of nighttime Tokyo with EYExplore professional Charles. I can’t praise this experience enough. Firstly, Charles is an experienced photo pro with a complete knowledge of the art and a huge arsenal of tips and tricks he readily shares. Having been a shooter for years, I can honesty say I learned a lot from Charlie.

    Second, after a discussion of what I was looking for image-wise, Charles put together a fantastic tour starting in my hotel lobby in Shinagawa where we met and then we hit a TON of off-the-beaten-path areas with fantastic photographic appeal. From tiny back alleys to marketplaces, to above-the street perspectives and unique rainy night opportunities.

    Lastly, the tour was thorough. We trained and walked for hours, had great conversations and Charles’ quirky sense of humor kept it lively the whole time. I was happily exhausted at the conclusion lat in the night. I will totally book another bespoke tour on my next visit.

  14. Sue8132

    We booked the 6 hour experience for the two of us. A great day with Charles. He was very easy to get on with and friendly.

    He showed us some elements of photography we hadn’t tried before, shows us parts of Tokyo we hadn’t been to on previous visits, and we loved the day.

    Thanks to Lucasz also for promptly returning emails, and making a couple of the last minute changes with the meeting place and train information etc, which meant we got in more time with Charles.


  15. Mark P

    Thanks to Charles for a great experience photographing Tokyo at night. He went above and beyond my expectations. We visited sites, although public, I would not have anyway of knowing about. He was fully knowledgeable about my equipment and assisted greatly in the setup for many shots. His patience in allowing for my inexperience was appreciated. I would certainly recommend and Eye Explore photo tour in Tokyo.

  16. Tas-wanderer

    Charles, our wonderful photographer, met us at our hotel and we talked and discussed photography as we walked- my friend had an iPhone and I a mirrorless camera- Charles was just brilliant as we both achieved such great photos and time-lapse movies- he just quietly talked/asked about what we wanted to get out of the tour- it was for 6 hours- which just flew- I am sure we lost 2-3 hours- but no we didn’t as we just had so much fun- went to a range of places we would never have found and with Charles’s gentle workshop process we ended up with photos we are so proud to show all out friends and families. This was just the best way to learn, see interesting aspects of Tokyo and produce really excellent photos. I should add Charles has a wonderful sense of humour which made this workshop so much fun and not one where you feel you are being constantly critiqued- Charles just suggested different ways to take photos with different settings and yes so much better outcomes!

    Also I should comment on the total professionalism of all the people at EYExplore- from the emails when you first book, to the follow up emails to check what you want to get out of the tour, to the gentle reminder about the tour and the can do attitude of adding an extra person into the bespoke tour- just so refreshing and then to have Charles leading the workshop- this is a winning combination. Thank you so much!

  17. T6515RUandyp

    Excellent day with Lukasz and Charles – took some amazing photos – These guys know Tokyo Inside out , Back to front especially down the Alley ways nobody goes – very exciting

  18. DiditMehtaPariadi

    We do a lot of travel around the country and around the world. We both loves photography too, mainly landscapes. We took bespoke Tokyo, a private trip program l, right away knowing that Lukasz will be our mentor for 6 hours. It turned to be more than our expectation. Lukasz is very creative photographer, and give us a step by step architecture, human interest and night photography. He knew every corner of the city and how to make the best of it. Not only we learned new ways of taking photography, we also been teached how to think out of the box, take creative composition and make the best of our cameras. We highly recommend EYExplore for those who want to know more about Tokyo and take the best shots of it.

  19. Sara

    My husband and I really enjoyed our bespoke photo tour with Lucasz! He was incredibly friendly and knew so much about the best parts of Tokyo and he’s a very talented photographer and excellent instructor! My husband is a good photographer and I’m much more of a beginner and we both learned so much. such a great experience!

  20. NoobieWan

    Had the opportunity to attend a private tour with Charles early December 2018. Can’t recommend him enough. Very flexible, will undoubtedly bend around your needs or schedule. We explored the rooftop of Ginza 6 while it was not in the planning on a whim and got great pictures out of it. Very friendly, good conversationalist, 6 hours flew by, did not get a single chance to get bored, even through all the train transfers. We even decided to skip dinner just to have more of the tour. Good guidance, he was very apt at judging our level in photography. He spent more time going around Tokyo and showing us the pictures, explaining what makes them interesting and letting us try for ourselves, instead of delving on the technical aspects and assumed we knew how to use our own gears. Still got to learn a neat trick with the tripod out of it.

  21. Dee4137

    I have traveled several times to Japan, usually taking photographs alone. My Husband found Eyexplore online and signed me up for a daytime tour and an evening tour on the same day. Lukasz was the photography guide. The tours were fun and Lukasz really is not only a knowledgeable photographer, but also as a teacher. Lukasz was able to give guidance and suggestions for all levels of photographers in the group. I am an advanced amateur and found all of Lukasz’s suggestions advancing my abilities and my vision. One big draw is the Instructor guides have discovered hidden gems and are willing to share them. This is so you have a unique and challenging experience seeing Japan in a new and different way. On my last visit to Japan, I took a solo tour with Lukasz and I brought back fabulous photographs. I highly recommend you take a tour with Eyexplore no matter what level of a photographer you might be. You go to places you can only imagine. You will ride public transport and do quite a bit of walking. Wear comfy shoes, and limit your camera bag to make yourself more mobile. And if it says rain, do bring an umbrella. You will have a wonderful experience.

  22. Yudi

    Great mentoring and friendly staff have the session with them and I think it was great especially when I reviewed the photos taken by my wife under their mentoring process it was great definitely will book another session when I visit Japan again.

  23. Alec

    I went on a Bespoke Photo Adventure of Tokyo with Lukasz a couple of weeks ago, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to photograph Tokyo, regardless of your experience with a camera. Lukasz has great knowledge of the city, including many locations you’re unlikely to come across on your own, and is also able to provide expert knowledge of the technical and artistic aspects of photography.

  24. Barbara

    I spent a fabulous Saturday afternoon and shooting with Lukasz in Tokyo last week. Not only did he take me to fantastic places, but he opened my eyes to different compositions using unique angles and reflections. Also he knew more about my new camera (Nikon d850) than I did. I am very pleased with my photographs, and feel the results were worth the cost and climbing the occasional 10 flights of stairs. Barbara Brown Perth

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