Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets

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Shared Photo Workshop

Max Party Size

6 people


3 Hours






• Professional photo instructor


• Camera
• Train Fare (~¥170)

Minimum Required Gear

• A comfy pair of shoes
• Smarphone or entry-level camera
• No tripod needed

Underground Tokyo


Street Photography

What’s the Story?

Tokyo’s streets take on another life after dark. The neon lights are set ablaze, bathing the city in hues of blue, red, and violet. Wandering the back streets of Kabukicho, the city’s major red light and entertainment district, one gets a sense of a world hidden amidst the neon haze. Seemingly secret passages lead away from the lights and into an underworld of wires and cramped locales, frequented by the denizens of the night. And in the rain, the atmosphere is all the better.

What We’ll Shoot

We will explore creative ways of shooting street photography in the night-scape of Tokyo’s most colorful districts. In addition to understanding the ideal settings for night street photography, we will also practice setting up panning shots of passing traffic, learn how to creatively use reflections, and how to capture silhouettes while shooting in high contrast or very dark conditions. On this photography workshop, you will learn how to get the most of your camera at night in Tokyo, without the use of a tripod.

Where We’ll Explore

We begin in Shinjuku, one of the hearts of the Tokyo Metropolis. Here we will explore the smoky and bustling Omoideyokocho before heading into the pleasure district of Kabukicho. After exploring its underbelly through our cameras, we will take the metro to Shibuya where we will venture into an old building overgrown with pipes and conduits, a scene straight out of cyberpunk cinema. Finally, we will pass through Dogenzaka, another neon-filled red light district, before ending up at Shibuya crossing.

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

54 reviews for Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets

  1. Itai

    I am a photography enthusiast. I’ve been doing street photography for over 30 years. One of the things you learn is that it takes a while to get to know a city or place. This workshop helps you by accelerating your awareness to Tokyo. How it works. What are its visual qualities and quirks. I have enjoyed this walk tremendously and have gotten unforgettable images because of the guidance and the locations I was brought to. If I had an extra night at Tokyo i would do it again.

  2. 784lanceh

    This tour was a lot of fun. Charles was a great guide. I picked up some cool new camera techniques and saw a lot of cinematic Tokyo nightlife.

  3. jjgdonnelly

    I had a great night with Charles. The tour is not only excellent from a photography perspective but also offers you a rare opportunity to see a side of Tokyo that you may have not seen before. Charles was really great at showing me the right settings on my camera and super encouraging and patient while I was getting my shot. If you are interested in photography, then I would highly recommend this tour. I can’t wait to go back and do another tour in Tokyo with Eyexplore.

  4. Q1249PHstevep

    Had a gear experience with Lukasz. Booked 3 days. Lots of tips and he got me to try new techniques. Highly recommended. Would book again.

  5. riccardorI3030LQ

    As reported in other reviews, this tour it’s gonna change the way you look at the city afterward overall. You gonna learn how to capture moving objects creating soapy background filled with alluring light. You will work with reflection to create interesting images with an abstract touch too. Framing, scene and subject selection is the core of this workshop. In conclusion, I want to to add that it helped me to start working around my own fear of photographing people. Enjoy the tour! =)

  6. B2781UUpaulam

    Charles was fantastic! Got many helpful tips regarding camera settings and composition. He definitely knew the places to go for great shots and how to capture the essence of Tokyo night life. My photos were better than anything I could have achieved on my own.

  7. timhM6049QS

    Charles was amazing. He took me to areas that I wouldn’t have considered a d showed me techniques that elevate the shot from the scene that presented. I highly recommend this.

  8. matthewfN5717FK

    We met with Charles at the Shibuya crossing. Within 5 min of meeting we were already getting great photographs. Charles has a great eye for street photography and forced me to think differently from how I normally shoot. We had some heavy downpour at times, but Charles took that as an opportunity to look for great reflection shots which is not something I would normally look for. Friends and family loved these shots. We almost canceled because of the weather but very glad we didn’t. Charles knowledge of the area allowed us to stay relatively dry and still get great photos. I highly recommend booking with EYExplore.

  9. Ilike2travelallover

    This workshop was the highlight of my trip to Tokyo! Charles was an excellent guide who gave lots of great tips, and was also great to have a conversation with. He showed me some great spots in both Shinjuku and Shibuya and I had so much fun both shooting and exploring. I highly recommend taking any workshop that Eyexplore offers. They really know the areas they are covering and are fantastic photographers! If you’re on the fence about attending, have no doubt you will have a great time.

  10. federicob562

    Excelente experiencia para conocer una parte de Tokyo desde los ojos de la fotografía. El recorrido te lleva a photo spots desde los que se pueden capturar vistas únicas. No importa si eres principiante o avanzado, el guía de EYExplore te dará para que la foto salga perfecta. En mi caso me tocó con Charles, y fue super agradable en todo el trayecto. Definitivamente volvería a contratar otros workshops y salidas la próxima vez que este en Japón!

  11. Melanielay

    Such a fun activity to do at night ! learnt so much and also visited some really cool spots in Tokyo, highly recommend! My friends and fam were super impressed by the photos! Charles, our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much again!!

  12. Sightseer03811019827

    Was an eye opening tour, lots of helpful hints and good places to shoot. Inspired me a lot for the following days. Thanks a lot!

  13. samuelkP1259RS

    Learned a lot of cool night street photography tricks! Charles was an excellent guide/coach. We explored the streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya and some preplanned locations, sometimes waiting to pass by interesting subjects (not hard on a Friday night in Tokyo). Overall it was a great experience.

  14. larrybL7589TZ

    Fantastic experience. A lovely evening walk through Tokyo with great photo opportunities and valuable direction. I learned new techniques and immediately put them to use. Guide knew the best locations to capture images of Tokyo night life. Lively conversation between locations made time fly. I am definitely better as a photographer after this workshop. Highly recommend to anyone with an interest in photography.

  15. I9158JOsusans

    Wow! This was a wonderful time spent learning new camera techniques and going to the best places for nighttime photos in Tokyo. I was in Japan on an organized tour that had built-in free time and booked this as a solo experience. Two others in my group decided to join me and the three of us had a great time with Charles who was attentive and clearly excited about what we were doing. It was a rainy night which produced great street reflections and lovely parades of umbrellas. Charles met us where he said he would and was on time and had our tripods ready. I would book with EYExplore again with no hesitations. Great experience.

  16. Johan Khoo

    Had a great private tour with Lukasz who was a brilliant coach and guide, showing us an ins and outs of nighttime Tokyo. I had a great time with my two other photographer friends and learnt a lot!

  17. T3057YCannet

    I had previously done two tours with Eyexplore back in 2018 with 2 friends; the Tokyo Metropolis and a night tour. We had such a great time that it was a given I would come back to Eyexplore. This time, January 2024, my tour was the Tokyo Night Dive. I was travelling solo and wanted to shoot areas that I didn’t feel comfortable visiting on my own at night. Charles took me to all the places I wanted to go and then some. I was able to go at my own pace but he also checked in constantly to make sure I was getting shots I was happy with. Brilliant, thoroughly recommend Eyexplore.

  18. johankL3820AE

    Amazing private tour of Tokyo’s Cyberpunk streets around Shinjuku and Shibuya. Lukasz really helped us get into the vibe of the area and provided just the right level of instruction, allowing us to find our own pictures in areas he knows super well. Highly recommended.

  19. W8594IDmichaeld

    I did the Cyberpunk tour with professional photographer, Lukasz Palka. I learned a ton from Lukasz, especially about street photography since I do much more landscape. Lukasz was an exceptional teacher, had a large number of great locations we visited, and was an excellent tour guide. When I return to Japan I will definitely book another adventure with Lukasz and EYExplore.

  20. Mike

    I took the Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets tour on December 12th, with Charles, and that was a great experience. We worked through camera settings, compositional approaches and different techniques, but it also was a flowing, two-way conversation. The locations were interesting, we lucked out with weather giving extra reflections to work with, and I came out of it with photos I’m happy with and proud of, and new techniques in the arsenal. The story begins a bit further back than that, though. I ran into an issue on the EYExplore site that would have negatively affected my booking, and after sending a support ticket, Lukasz had fixed it in less than an hour (during business hours). The company is professional from the photo adventures themselves to the day-to-day of running the business and website, and that speaks volumes. Would book again!

  21. MingHannW

    Charles was an excellent guide, and it was a very informative and fun adventure through some of Toyko’s nightlife. Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for something different to do, or for street photographers looking for some inspiration on your Tokyo tour!

  22. miriamcW9551Y

    I did the Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets worshop with my boyfriend and it was awesome! I learned a lot. Charles was a great company and showed us a lot of great spots and useful techniques to achieve the best shots at night. Plus, it was so interesting to chat with someone who has lived in Japan since so many years. Overall, a great experience, we would totally recommend it!

  23. claudealains2023

    Amazing experience with Charles who knows where to stand to take beautiful pictures of these wonderful city of Tokyo. He took time to teach me where and how to take the best picture, explained me some techniques I didn’t use so much.

  24. danielkS3408OT

    Great Nite with Lukasz good to be back in Shinjuku taking photos again after a 4 year break from visiting Japan.

  25. giovannidW2653KY

    Fantastic photo adventure through the streets of Tokyo! I will gladly sign up again for a photo tour with EYExplore the next time I’m in Tokyo.

  26. Road51730330300

    I went on two workshops on my recent trip to Tokyo. Tokyo Vertigo and the Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets workshops. They were both hosted by Charles and both were incredible. Charles is extremely knowledgeable and gives you initial suggestions but is also supportive of your own vision and ideas as well. The spots he takes you to were perfect and in regards to the Tokyo Vertigo workshop – well you will get a chance to take photos from places most people never see or have access too. Both workshops were awesome and I would definitely try another one when visiting Tokyo again.

  27. 882martyv

    First, it should be mentioned that I had unrealistically high expectations of this tour. However, Lukasz far exceeded my expectations. I am an improving hobby photographer as are my sister in law and her daughter. My wife is a green as can be newbie. Lukasz did a great job working with everyone at their level. All four of us learned a lot and made great improvements. In fact, two days after the tour, I shot the best photos of my life. My wife made massive gains as well. The tour itself was a blast. We were on a quick pace without feeling rushed. The 3-hour time frame was perfect, as by the time it was over, we were pretty well spent. The guide’s familiarity with the area(s) made for a great experience. Personally I took about 300 shots that night – maybe 80-90 were bursts while doing a panning exercise. The point is, we shot a ton and ended up with maybe 12-15 shots I am really proud of. As my wife is Japanese and has family in Tokyo, we will be back annually. I intended to do AT LEAST one of their tours each trip in the future. It was one of the highlights of the trip this year. I really, really enjoyed it.

  28. Departure203177

    Great photos and photography techniques. My photo tour with Charles was excellent. He knew lots of good spots and showed me some photography techniques I didn’t know along with some new uses for techniques I was already familiar with. Definitely would recommend.

  29. xanadu1963

    Absolutely AMAZING experience exploring different pockets of the Tokyo night scene with Lukasz Palka. I had done an afternoon/ early evening session back in 2016. This one was even more exciting. HIGHLY recommend as the highlight of my Asia trip. If you enjoy photography, this is the “ne plus ultra” experience.

  30. larryk441

    Awesome photo workshop/tour. I am just starting to get into street photography and wanted to shoot night scenes in Tokyo. I happen to be visiting the area so I signed up for Eyexplore’s Cyberpunk night workshop’s private tour. Charles was a fantastic guide/teacher. He gave me so many great tips not only on camera settings but also scene setups and thinking outside the box compositions. I will definitely sign up for some of their other offerings the next time I am in Japan.

  31. vic2rhugoq

    Absolutely recommended! For someone that likes taking street photography, regardless of expertise. I really enjoyed learning by doing what Lukasz does by daily basis, and he took us for every nook and crany around Shinjuku, places that I would have definitely missed.

  32. Gary C

    An excellent time with Charles in Tokyo and a great introduction into shooting effectively in Tokyo, even if street is not your thing. Moved seamlessly from location to location and in the end felt well set up to go solo for the rest on my time in Japan. Even managed to get a couple of images I might keep and use. Thank you Charles.

  33. agnessF6986SW

    It was the best photography tour I have ever had. I learned so much in the 2+ hours! We went to many places in Shinjuku and Shibuya and captured many amazing photos. The guide knew all the secret/best spot to get the photos you want.

  34. Geoffrey

    10/10 would recommend. Had a great time on the cyberpunk night tour. We were a group of 4 hobby photographers. Half shot with Cannon and the other half shot with Nikon. Our guide, Lukasz, loaded us up with tips on our devices, taught us a few techniques and brought us to locations and vantage points we may not have found otherwise. Thanks again!

  35. Safari27910901348

    Lukasz led my ten-year-old son and me along all sorts of grungy alleys full of tiny izakaya and questionable attractions around Shinjuku, Kabukicho and Shibuya. Wonderful. Lukasz was very patient as my son chatted away. He had a schedule, a plan, but didn’t force us to keep up with it. He also demonstrated a deep knowledge about and love for Tokyo, alongside practical tips on how to capture the city’s charm on your SD card. Would definitely recommend!

  36. Kurt Brotcke

    I took the night photography tour with Lukasz in late May 2023. Lukasz did an excellent job with navigating the areas (e.g., Shinjuku, etc.), specific sites, camera setup, and recommended camera settings. My photos came out looking very professional, thanks to his input and recommendations. Highly recommended service!

  37. 287gustavd

    Urban exploration during night-time in Tokyo. Walking around the Tokyo streets with Lukasz was a lot of fun. I had already done some exploration on my own the previous days, but he was able to show me a lot of new places, narrow passageways and interesting streets that I would never have found myself. Lukasz was great at providing tips, tricks and feedback on my photos, and overall it was just nice chatting with someone sharing the same passion for photography.

  38. Ian123456781

    Fun photography in Tokyo alleyways. We had a great time with Lee on the Tokyo Cyberpunk streets photo-tour. In addition to Lee’s advice on how to frame the best shots, it was great fun exploring the obscure alley ways of Shinjuku and Shibya. Even the rain did not dampen our time and it provided some great scenes.

  39. phantomzone

    What a fabulous experience! Delivered by my friendly and knowledgeable host Charles, this was probably one of the more unusual locations I’ve had the pleasure to shoot in. Charles made the experience a great memory.

  40. Jeff Mott

    I did 3 of their workshops in Tokyo (cyberpunk streets, tokyo night and urban geometry) and all were excellent and highly recommended.

  41. gavinc_nyc

    I did the Tokyo Cyberpunk photo workshop with Lee which was a blast. I expected to show up and find a big group of new idiot photographers like myself. But I was surprised to find it was just Lee and myself. Not sure if that was just my session or not but the 1:1 nature helped tremendously as we squeezed through small alleyways and snapped hundreds of photos. Lee knew the route like the back of his hand and was able to guide me while giving me tons of tips on composition and settings. As a photographer with very little street experience, I was pretty nervous about the class. But it ended up being a great experience and I wished I had booked more tours with EYExplore. I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in Japan.

  42. uedspeed

    Went for a 3 hours Tokyo cyberpunk workshop and had a wonderful time. Lee was a patient and knowledgeable guide. Lee was not only guides but also takes photo together. It was an invigorating experience being around someone whom enjoys photography and this experience has urged me to bring out my camera more often. Highly recommend this to anyone whom wants to see Tokyo in a different light.

  43. BaerlinNoZZle

    I did the Cyberpunk Toyko workshop with EYExplore in June 2022. It was a great and unique experience. Lukasz was a great teacher. Learned a lot and discovered another side of Tokyo I probably would have never experienced without that workshop.

  44. Bogdan

    I had awesome time with Lukasz – He has a great eye for good scenes and I was happy to learn some of his tricks. Its already my second tour with Eyexplore and I highly recommend to do the Cyberpunk Streets of Tokyo private tour – its 3 hours long but totally worth it!

  45. moodychilean

    Just awesome; in about 3 hours your photography skills will be boosted ( it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer). Lukasz adapts to your needs and your gear. I’ve been doing photography seriously for about 3 years and i learned really a lot in this workshop. It is not just about how to use your gear, is a composition, framing and perception course. Everyone who wants to learn night street photography should schedule a workshop like this in Tokyo.

  46. akatallpaul

    I had only 3 nights in Tokyo. And I spent 2 of them doing the Cyberpunk workshop. And so thankful I did.

    Lukasz was very chill and pleasant to hang with. Plus, he wore many hats. Location scout. Photo assistant (when needed). And informative tour guide for Tokyo’s night life, vs. the traditional tours you get during the day. I loved it. I enjoyed getting a better understanding of the people and locations we were shooting in.

    Little time was wasted. We would go to various locations. Explore the area. Wait if we had a feeling about a shot or move on if it wasn’t happening. Lukasz was patient with my instincts, but also offered advice/techniques to help me execute whatever shot I was trying to get.

    After the first night, I mentioned to Lukasz the kind of “”street”” locations I preferred and he tweaked the second night’s adventure toward those types of locations. I couldn’t have been happier.

    My goal was to shoot as much of Tokyo at night as possible, in a condensed amount of time. And the Cyberpunk workshop more than exceeded that goal. Bravo!

  47. akshaya63

    I’ve done three photowalks with EyExplore in Tokyo over 2 years – Temples & Shrines, Tokyo by Night, and CyberPunk. I learned a lot of new techniques from extremely talented and creative professionals, and I got to see parts (or perspectives) of Tokyo I wouldn’t ordinarily have experienced! I highly recommend EyExplore!

  48. brianlT6726ZZ

    A great introduction to the bright lights and interesting places of Shinjuki and Shibuya. Lukasz is a very accomplished photographer and gave us great guidance on settings and techniques for shooting at night. It gave us a good understanding of the area and the confidence to go out shooting on our own. The tour visits some bar, entertainment and red light areas, great for photography but perhaps not suitable for youngsters.

  49. dinrandir1

    It was rainy evening, streets were flooded with transparent umbrellas and people under them soaked their faces in neons glows. Lukasz guided me through Shinjuku and Shibuya and helped me to capture those moments. He was giving hints where and how to look, showed me simple but effective technics of changing shutter speed and aperture according to situation. Three hours passed quickly on talks about places we visited, photographic equipment and life in Tokyo. After this workshop I feel hunger for more wandering the back streets with my camera, and thanks to Lukasz I feel more confident. I think this was one of the best experience I had during my stay in Tokyo.

  50. F2309XUchristophers

    Lukasz was a terrific guide and teacher during our time together exploring the backstreets of Tokyo! I learned how to setup my camera for the situation and how to visualize the scenes in new and creative ways.

  51. Codie-Harpell

    Lukasz is an amazing guide and a great teacher. If you traveling to Tokyo and want to get some amazing photos go on this photo tour/class it’s truly worth it. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are Lukasz will be able to either help you get to the next level of your photography or show you some amazing places you would be hard pressed to find by yourself.

  52. mZ9375EN

    I highly recommend the cyberpunk streets of Tokyo workshop. You get to see many great photography locations that would be normally hidden to the uninitiated. I also learned some new techniques and a good number of practical tips from Lukasz.

  53. BenQ83

    Great night photography tour through Tokyo. Lukasz knows a lot about photography and the city. The sessions includes various locations to get various street photography shots of Shinjuku and Shibuya. Good for solo traveller but also couples and small group of friends.

  54. Tanveer

    Being an enthusiast photographer, I wanted to explore more of Japan during my time here. I found eyexplore online and my brother and I decided to do the ‘Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets’ course. We were met by out instructor, Lukasz, at the station and from there he took us on a very scenic route of Tokyo. Lukasz was great, he was very friendly and he took us to many locations that we would never even think to explore. This made our experience fascinating (as we really did not know what would be round the corner). Lukasz taught us many new compositional techniques and he explained to us how to get the best exposure in the most efficient way possible. The shots created from these locations were great and Lukasz consistently gave me and my brother feedback on our photos. He told us what we had done well and how we could improve. The ‘Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets’ course was an amazing choice and it allowed us to shoot exactly what we wanted to in Tokyo – the well renowned Tokyo night life. Lukasz was also very accommodating and when I told him that my knowledge of the technical side of photography stretched further than my brother’s he adapted his explaining of things to him. If you are in Japan and enjoy photography, I would highly recommend that you go on one of these courses. There is a wide variety of different courses, so you are able to do what you enjoy. The photographers are knowledgable, friendly and, put simply, just brilliant! They ensure to show you the ‘real’ Japan! Personally, as an amateur photographer, this was one of the highlights of my trip! P.s He even gave us excellent restaurant recommendations. 🙂

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