Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets

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¥32,000per session

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Adventure Type

Master Class

Max Size

4 people


3 Hours






Professional photography instructor


Train Fare (~¥1000)

Recommended Gear

18-55mm zoom lens or similar
Camera capable of manual modes

Underground Tokyo


Street Photography

What’s the Story?

Tokyo’s streets take on another life after dark. The neon lights are set ablaze, bathing the city in hues of blue, red, and violet. Wandering the back streets of Kabukicho, the city’s major red light and entertainment district, one gets a sense of a world hidden amidst the neon haze. Seemingly secret passages lead away from the lights and into an underworld of wires and cramped locales, frequented by the denizens of the night. And in the rain, the atmosphere is all the better.

What We’ll Shoot

We will explore creative ways of shooting street photography in the night-scape of Tokyo’s most colorful districts. In addition to understand the ideal settings for night street photography, we will also practice setting up panning shots of passing traffic, learn how to creatively use reflections, and how to capture silhouettes while shooting in high contrast or very dark conditions. On this photography workshop, you will learn how to get the most of your camera at night in Tokyo, without the use of a tripod.

Where We’ll Explore

We begin in Shinjuku, one of the hearts of the Tokyo Metropolis. Here we will explore the smoky and bustling Omoideyokocho before heading into the pleasure district of Kabukicho. After exploring its underbelly through our cameras, we will take the metro to Shibuya where will explore the banks of the Shibuya river, an area where old meets new in a confluence of light and glass. Finally, we will pass through Dogenzaka before ending up at Shibuya crossing.

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

  1. Tanveer

    Being an enthusiast photographer, I wanted to explore more of Japan during my time here. I found eyexplore online and my brother and I decided to do the ‘Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets’ course. We were met by out instructor, Lukasz, at the station and from there he took us on a very scenic route of Tokyo. Lukasz was great, he was very friendly and he took us to many locations that we would never even think to explore. This made our experience fascinating (as we really did not know what would be round the corner). Lukasz taught us many new compositional techniques and he explained to us how to get the best exposure in the most efficient way possible. The shots created from these locations were great and Lukasz consistently gave me and my brother feedback on our photos. He told us what we had done well and how we could improve. The ‘Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets’ course was an amazing choice and it allowed us to shoot exactly what we wanted to in Tokyo – the well renowned Tokyo night life. Lukasz was also very accommodating and when I told him that my knowledge of the technical side of photography stretched further than my brother’s he adapted his explaining of things to him. If you are in Japan and enjoy photography, I would highly recommend that you go on one of these courses. There is a wide variety of different courses, so you are able to do what you enjoy. The photographers are knowledgable, friendly and, put simply, just brilliant! They ensure to show you the ‘real’ Japan! Personally, as an amateur photographer, this was one of the highlights of my trip! P.s He even gave us excellent restaurant recommendations. 🙂

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We meet in front of the entrance to the Odakyu Department Store on the west side of JR Shinjuku Station. The sign above the entrance reads 'Shinjuku Terrace City.'

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