Tokyo Film Photography Workshop

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¥32,000per session

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Adventure Type

Master Class
Private Photo Workshop

Max Size

2 people


3 Hours






• Professional photo instructor


• Camera
• Film Developing
• Train Fare (~¥170)
• Tripod

Minimum Required Gear

• A comfy pair of shoes
• Film camera

Custom Experience

Film Photography


What’s the Story?

Tokyo is a high-tech and ever-expanding metropolis, but taken through the lens of a vintage camera, the streets take on a classic vibe that only film photography can deliver. Whether you’re new to film photography or an expert, you will get a unique retro perspective from our resident film photo pro.

What We’ll Shoot

Photograph the streets, shops, artifacts and denizens of Tokyo’s many districts, either by day or by night. We customize the workshop for you so that the subjects we shoot are right up your alley. Bring your own film camera and our instructor will help you get the most out of it, right down to learning how to load the film. But even if you’re already confident with your gear, we will show you plenty of captivating compositions in the streets.

Where We’ll Explore

This is a customized workshop, so we will tailor the exact route to focus on street photography, architecture, night photography, temples, shrines, and so on. It depends on what interests you! We can shoot all of it on film by using different techniques that your instructor will coach you on.

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

  1. 173nick

    I’ve now done 2 of EYExplore’s photo tours: Temples of Tokyo a few months ago and Retro Tokyo last week. Both are GREAT! Retro Tokyo was a wander through an older part of Tokyo, very few tourists, interesting older buildings and alleyways, a trolly/tram ride, and Stephane, a fantastic guide. We shot film – they’ll lend you a camera if you’ve only got digital – and finished the day in Shinjuku at a one-hour lab where we got prints made of our afternoon’s shooting. PRINTS!! Remember them?

  2. ayanoariel

    It was a great tour. We started out in Sugamo- what is considered to the the Harajuku of Tokyo’s lively elderly. We were introduced to the team and the cameras we were working with, and naturally let the arcade lead us.

    As we strolled through the old shopping arcade, we would capture some photogenic retro elements on buildings (rusty pipes, Showa-era delight mechanical gadgets, color faded signs and menus, and CATS!!.) and in abandoned buildings. We would stop to think of the composition, the lighting, how to shoot this situation… in which the two coaches would kindly give us freedom and some advice to shoot as we wish. We walked around, the arcade, a rode the old Arakawa tram, then to the kishibojin temple… All unbelievably slow spiritual places despite being part of the hustle and bustle city.

    I would have not discovered these niche areas to explore and to learn how to shoot photos in the process. I enjoyed the 3 hours shooting, in different locations, lights, moods, then developing photos, and checking out second-hand camera shops together while we wait. It was fun! Maybe make it even more themed “Kissaten themed” “Bar themed”, get models, the creativity we can put in this is endless!

    It was a very beginner class, so I liked the freedom that we had just given a camera and snap as much as you want. Maybe during little breaks we could have been taught the technical aspects, and some demonstrations from the teachers for more influence. Great way to be exploring an area… with a camera!

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