Tokyo Industrial Zone

¥35,000per session

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Adventure Type


Max Size

4 people


4 hours






Professional photography trainer


Train Fare (~¥170)

Recommended Gear

18-55mm zoom lens or similar
Camera capable of manual modes
Tripod is required


Long Exposure

Urban Exploration

What’s the Story?

Delve deep into the techno-industrial zone of Kawasaki, one of Tokyo’s satellite cities. Experience the exhilaration of exploring techno-mechanical behemoths seemingly slumbering in the calm night of the Tokyo bayside. We’ll capture impressive vistas of pipes, smokestacks, valves, and steel latticework all bathed in vivid artificial light.

What We’ll Shoot

We will photograph complex industrial scenes using only the ambient light of the night and the arterial light of the factories and refineries themselves. We will use tripods and long exposures to capture sharp and vivid images of Tokyo’s industrial landscape.

Where We’ll Explore

Head down to Kawasaki—technically a separate city that has been swallowed up by the sprawling metropolis—nestled between Tokyo and Yokohama. From Kawasaki station we will take a short bus ride into the heart of the industrial zone on one of the many artificial islands strung around Tokyo Bay. Here we will traverse the many factories and refineries on foot.

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