Yokohama After Dark

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Adventure Type

Private Photo Workshop

Max Party Size

4 people


3 Hours






• Professional photo instructor


• Camera
• Hotel Pickup
• Train Fare (~¥170)

Minimum Required Gear

• A comfy pair of shoes
• DSLR or mirrorless camera capable of manual modes
• 18-55mm zoom lens (on crop sensor) or similar prime lenses

Learn Composition


Night Street Photo

Street Photography

What’s the Story?

Not too far from the center of the Tokyo metropolis lies another city: Yokohama. It harbors the bustling streets and back-alleys of Yokohama Chinatown and the exuberant nightlife of Noge—these vivid locales offer no shortage of photo opportunities. Illuminated by lanterns and neon alike, after dark the streets take on a mysterious atmosphere.

What We’ll Shoot

We will focus on taking photographs that capture both the essence of the area and the locals within. You’ll be coached on how to use negative space to create minimalist images, how to add depth to your scenes, techniques to create abstract images, and how to use the natural geometry of the street. We will also cover how to identify photo-worthy scenes, so you can make the most of the time you have with your camera while exploring any city.

Where We’ll Explore

We’ll start by exploring the colorful streets of Yokohama Chinatown. We will make our way through the small alleys and side streets, where the photo opportunities are only rivaled by the food. Next, we’ll walk the lively streets of Noge, Yokohama’s famed yet quaint nightlife district. While lesser known to tourists the area is famous among locals for its variety of drinking establishments, entertainment, and red-light district.

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

2 reviews for Yokohama After Dark

  1. charlesgW3293JZ

    Another great tour courtesy of EYExplore (my third), this time around Yokohama After Dark. Despite me being a regular visitor to Japan and more specifically Yokohama for two decades, my guide Jordan still introduced me to an area, Noge, that I hadn’t previously experienced. He was also full of useful suggestions regarding compositions and techniques, as well as being very pleasant company for three hours.

  2. 568russellh

    I had three aims when I went and all were very much met. First I wanted to see a bit of Tokyo which I hadn’t seen before. Well technically Yokohama is a different town altogether but you know what I mean Anyway I definitely got to explore two of the most interesting restaurant/nightlife places and gave me lots of ideas of places to come back to. Next and whatever else the tour makes sure you take some excellent photos. It is a bit pathetic but I like to be able to show my friends some good photos and with the guidance I got that was no problem. And finally I wanted to become a slightly better photographer. I did get some good ideas and advice so I think that part was met too. So all in all a very enjoyable night out

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We meet at Motomachi-Chukagai station, just outside of Exit 1 on the street. You will be able to see Chinatown's colorful entrance gate across the street from the meeting point.

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