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Behind The Mask – Geisha Photography Workshop

EYExplore - Behind The Mask

Have you ever wanted to photograph a geisha? More than that, would you like to tell a geisha’s story with depth? If so, then join us on our Behind The Mask photography workshop.

This experience goes far beyond a common geisha shoot. Our goal is provide a setting and atmosphere in which you can get to know your subject, a lovely geisha, and photograph her in two settings that exhibit her true character as a person—and as a geisha.

We will first see her without her traditional make-up, while clad in her more casual attire—a day-time kimono. For the second shoot, she will transform and don her mask. We will then photograph her wearing an evening kimono on the back streets of Gion in the light of early dusk.

If this interests you, don’t hesitate to join us! We have two sessions coming up on October 22nd and November 19th

There are only a few spots left, so please book now to reserve your spot!

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