Who I am

Born and raised in the north of France, I moved to Japan in 2008. Before starting EYExplore I worked extensively in the hospitality industry around the world (NY, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy and more). The town I grew up in was relatively small and I quickly became fascinated by huge cities. I'd say that since I started EYExplore I live to work and my work is my passion.

What I do at EYExplore

I co-founded EYExplore with Lukasz and I currently run photo adventures in Kyoto and Osaka. I also do a lot of under the hood tasks from coding the website to accounting and finding new talents: the daily operations.

Where I explore

These days I like venturing to areas of Kyoto unspoiled by mass-tourism. I also very much enjoy discovering new shooting locations in Osaka. This city has so much to offer to urban photographers such as myself.

Why I love photography

I shoot to have fun, to keep learning new things, to discover places I would never even think of going to if it wasn’t for the sake of photography.