Who I am

A Canadian-born photographer and freelance writer who has been living in Japan since 2014. My work focuses on abstract architecture, landscape, travel, and street photography — often blending multiple elements into one image. I’ve made it my goal to travel to all 47 prefectures of Japan to photograph the endless beauty this amazing country has to offer.

What I do at EYExplore

I run the Yokohama After Dark workshop in Kanagawa.

Where I explore

I spend the majority of the year chasing the light across Japan. I also enjoy capturing the unique culture of the Shonan area, as well as the vibrant night life in both Yokohama and Tokyo. I don’t limit myself to any particular type of location or style. If it’s worth photographing, I’ll explore it.

Why I love photography

Whether it’s a lesser-known location or an iconic metropolis, there’s no better motivation to explore than photography. Before moving to Japan, I didn’t know much outside of Tokyo, but now I know Japan better than my own country, as it has become my new home. Going out with my camera has helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the world around me, an appreciation which fuels my passion for exploration.