Who I am

A Tokyo-based street photographer from the U.K. I moved to Tokyo in 2009 and this sparked my interest in street photography. Initially I was using just my iPhone for photography and this led to Apple selecting me to represent Tokyo for their ‘Shot on iPhone 7’ campaign in 2017. After the campaign, I invested in a Sony digital camera but continue to shoot with both cameras interchangeably as well as an Olympus OMD. In 2017, I won the Street Photography category in the Mobile Photography Awards.

What I do at EYExplore

I plan and conduct photo workshops. My first one focuses on ‘urban geometry’ in the city and combines this with a high contrast approach to light and shadow.

Where I explore

I’m really interested in geometry in the urban landscape, so I tend to focus on locations where this can be found, places rich with architecture like Yurakucho and Roppongi. I’m continually searching for new locations to add to my portfolio.

Why I love photography

I’m consumed by photography. It provides me with an outlet for my creativity. During the different stages (shooting, editing) it allows me to be present in the moment and, for me, this is the most important thing.