Who I am

I am an American photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. I am a former daily newspaper photojournalist with more than 30 years of professional photography experience. Having lived in Kyoto for more than 24 years, I specialize in portraiture and slice-of-life photography. The first time Ipicked up a camera was during an art class when I was 13 and right then I knew exactly I wanted to do with my life.

What I do at EYExplore

I lead a variety of workshops for EYExplore in Kyoto and Osaka. I like to help people see new things and see things differently.

Where I explore

I like to explore new places in the Kansai area, either in the city or the countryside. Sometimes I look at a map and pick a spot I’ve never been to, hop on the train and go. Other times, I revisit places and challenge myself to find a new images within the familiar.

Why I love photography

The camera has been a vehicle for me to see and experience so many different things in my life. I love meeting new people and telling their stories. The images I create help do that.