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Kyoto and Osaka Photo Workshops

We're Expanding to Kansai

Kansai here we come!

After a month of incubation our Kansai branch is finally open. We will offer Kyoto and Osaka Photo Workshops just like we did so far in Tokyo.

This is an important milestone in our company’s life as it is the first time we expand beyond our birthplace. It wasn’t very difficult to apply our recipe in Kansai. This area of Japan is already quite familiar to us. Working in the travel industry has brought us to visit Kyoto and Osaka many times in the past. The land is fertile for exciting photography tours just as it is in Tokyo. The vibe is slightly different though and we have to adapt to a different pace. This is especially true in Kyoto. The city is smaller, the nightlife is more low key, the street lights are dimmer and warmer, giving Kyoto a unique quaint atmosphere.

Without any further ado find here our first lineup of photo adventures. Click on the images for more info. We have 2 workshops in Kyoto and 1 in Osaka.

Memoirs of Kyoto - EYExplore

Memoirs of Kyoto

Take the time to craft iconic and unexpected images of Kyoto on a photogenic journey from Kiyomizu Temple to Gion.


Fushimi Inari Night - EYExplore

Inari After Dusk

With our guidance use a tripod and flash lights to create bold and unique shots of the atmospheric Fushimi Inari shrine at night.

Light Painting
Long Exposure

Osaka Jungle - EYExplore

Osaka Jungle

Capture a colorful cocktail of long exposures and night street photography in Osaka’s concrete jungle: Umeda and Namba.

Long Exposure
Night Street Photo

2 thoughts on “Kyoto and Osaka Photo Workshops

  1. As a long runner of Travel photography, i couldn’t wait to see a company making professional tours in the Kansai area, where tradition meet modernity, where thousands of centuries old temples & shrines go alongside neon lighted streets & skyscrapers of the bustling Kansai’s capital in such a short distance by train!
    Tokyo is an amazing city for an ambitious & passionate photographer, Kansai is even more astonishing with so many various possibilities exposed that it will push your skills to the upmost efficiency, with the support of an experienced photographer on your side.
    Be ready for a delighted adventure with countless shots to remind it to you for many years!

  2. We look forward to seeing you in the Kansai!

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