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Siegfried Hansen Tokyo Street Photography Workshop

Siegfried Hansen Photo Workshop

We are proud to announce that we’ll organize 1 weekend and 1 week-long street photography workshop with one of our great inspiration : Siegfried Hansen.

5 day workshop = from October 10 (Wednesday) to October 14, 2008 (Sunday)
Weekend workshop = from October 5 (Friday) to October 7, 2008 (Sunday)

In a Nutshell

Meet a master of street photography and experience his workflow while he shares his daily shooting routine. Get inspired by Siegfried Hansen’s work in one the most exciting cities in the world for street photographers: Tokyo. Get personalized coaching from Siegfried on a personal basis in this small group (6 people max) workshop. Meet like-minded international people from different walks of life, see their perspectives, and enrich your photography.

What’s the Story?

In October 2018 Siegfried Hansen will return to his photographic roots, teaming up with EYExplore to organize his next international workshop in Tokyo. He will share with you his theoretical and, most importantly, his practical knowledge on street photography. Siegfried will conduct a street, documentary, and fine art photography workshop in Tokyo. The workshop is a mix of daily street photography outings, photo critiques, and theoretical presentations by Siegfried Hansen.

Who is Siegfried Hansen?

Siegfried is one of the 45 world-famous street photographers according to the book “Street Photography Now”. In 2014, he joined the prestigious collective “iN-PUBLIC” and his work “Surfaces in the Street” has been listed by Lensculture in the top 100 all time most viewed series. He is regarded by many as a master of street photography. Siegfried resides and shoots in his German hometown of Hamburg yet it is in Japan, while he was living as an expat in Tokyo, that he got bitten by the photography bug.

How it works

The participants take pictures every day, working in pairs or on their own. Siegfried shoots with different people each day, so there will be opportunities to observe the way he works and approaches subjects, and to learn his tricks and techniques. During the workshop Siegfried presents a series of pictures, discussing street photography and its practical aspects. Siegfried, an experienced and well known street photographer, shares his theoretical and practical knowledge. The main theme of the workshop is street photography, mixed with documentary and fine art photography. Daily critiques of freshly taken photos. Each workshop day ends with the group working on their laptops choosing photos to be shown to Siegfried and then discussing them with him. The workshop ends with a final editing session and Siegfried selects the best photos from each participant. Several educational lectures about the practical aspects of street photography presented by Siegfried on separate days.

What we’ll Shoot

Ask Siegfried about street photography and he would tell you a story respectful of people where the graphics and colors of the world around create eye catching connections hidden in plain sight. Tokyo is fertile land for street photography: a new story unfolds at every street corner.

How much does it cost?

5 day workshop = 275,000 JPY (roughly 2,500 USD)
Weekend workshop = 110,000 JPY (roughly 1,000 USD)

We have discounts for early booking: inquire by email to for more details.

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