Be Inspired

Be creative with photography in a stimulating environment

Be Healthy

Your office is the city — have fun working out and about

Be Cool

No suits, no micro-management, only freedom

We craft photographic adventures that give people unique and unforgettable experiences. Do you want to be part of the adventure?

Current positions

Photography leader (Kyoto/Osaka)

Are you the kind of person who goes out with a camera on hand to explore the city you love and live in? Do you feel the urge to share that feeling of discovery with others? Do you want to keep on going beyond what you already know? Is leading and coaching eager photographers around the city appealing to you?

****Please submit your CV and application in English****

You will:

We are looking for people who…

  • Enjoy sharing time / thoughts with strangers
  • Take the lead and think a step ahead
  • Strive when put in unforeseen situations
  • Are enthusiastic, easygoing and keep a good mood no matter what
  • Are creative and come up with new ideas
  • Think for themselves and can manage their own time / task
  • Are humble, open minded and customer oriented
  • Love the city / country / culture they live in
  • Want to learn and improve themselves
  • Have a good sense of humor