Explore the city on a photo tour and workshop

Looking for a fun city activity?

We have just the thing for you! A photo tour and workshop Japan’s major cities! EYExplore offers special large group discounts on many of our photo adventures. We provide your group of travelers with our excellent hands-on coaching during the course of a photo tour spanning just a few hours or even an entire day. We maintain our personalized and engaging style by providing multiple instructors. This way we can ensure that each individual gets plenty of face-time with their instructor, receiving customized and detailed photographic coaching.

Tokyo Photo Tour - a guide leading photographers during a workshop in Tokyo.
Great for any level photographers

Choose your adventure!

You can choose from one of our many excellently reviewed photo workshops in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Or we can customize the experience for you, creating a bespoke itinerary that meets your group’s specific needs. We also provide addon services such as hotel pickups. See below for a selection of the photo tours that we feel work best for large groups of travelers.

Tokyo Photo Tour - Two photographers participating in a photo tour in Ginza.
Explore the city through the lens

Who are EYExplore Photo Adventures for?

  • People who love exploring cities
  • Photographers who want to learn and grow
  • Anyone who likes a fun challenge and personal growth
  • Mindful travellers who want a fulfilling travel experience
  • Student groups (especially in creative subjects such as art)
  • Team building excursion for creative, globally-minded teams
  • Corporate perk travellers

What can you get out of a Photo Adventure?

  • Get an inside guide into the big city
  • Find hidden gems that are not in guide books
  • Receive coaching on photography techniques
  • Learn more about your camera
  • Train your eye and improve composition skills
  • Get plenty of feedback on your photos
  • Have fun!

EYExplore in Action

Popular Japan Photo Tours for Large Groups

Tokyo By Night

Our most popular photo tour, Tokyo By Night gives photographers a chance to capture the chaos of the city in motion. We teach how to capture the flowing traffic of Tokyo by using long exposure techniques with the help of tripods. Participants can expect to learn how to handle their camera’s manual settings to achieve stunning results. Don't have a camera? Fear not! On this photo workshop we also focus on street photography, that is snapshots without the aid of a tripod, so even a smartphone will do! We cover many creative ways to get the most out of your phone during the photo tour through fascinating locations such as Shinjuku and Shibuya.

See our Tokyo Night Photo Tour
Tokyo Photo Tour - Tokyo By Night photo workshop by EYExplore

Tokyo Metropolis

This photo tour is focused on architecture and street photography. It is our most accessible workshop, as any camera is totally fine (on one occasion one of our customers brought a 15-year-old digital camera, and she still left with stunning photos). This is because our goal is to teach our customers how to ‘see’ with their photographic eye. That is, we coach them on composition and framing—the fundamental skill of photography. The photo tour takes place in Ginza and Yurakucho, areas in the heart of Tokyo that are chock-full of fascinating architecture and hidden gems well off the beaten path.

See our Tokyo City Photo Tour
Tokyo Photo Tour - Tokyo Metropolis photo workshop by EYExplore

Things to Keep in Mind

  • EYExplore photo adventures are great for all levels—both beginners and season pros can get something out of the experience.
  • Generally, any camera is perfectly fine, even smart phones. Some shots might require a camera that allows certain manual settings, but these shots are not crucial and a group with mixed cameras can still enjoy any of our photo adventures.
  • We use public transports to get around (typically trains and metro). Besides that, we do a decent amount of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must.
  • Weather is not major factor for us, and we can run our workshops even in the rain and snow—it can actual make it more fun!

Are you a professional photographer planning a workshop in Japan?

We can help you too!

Though our team consists of photographers who are happy to coach your group on photography, we can also act as facilitators who lead the group to the best locations. In this case, you as the photographer can focus on teaching and coaching, while we handle all of the logistics and getting around. We can also help you plan the itinerary, suggesting locations potential subjects, such as geisha or other people of interest. We can also be hands-on or hands-off as you like with photographic instructions. Finally, we are able to handle all of your hotel bookings and transportation during your groups time in Japan.

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Tokyo Photo Tour - a guide leading photographers during a workshop in Tokyo.
Photographic guidance

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