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Online Photo Workshop


1 Hour




• Camera setting advice
• General photography tips and tutorials
• Photo editing instruction
• Professional photo instructor

Get feedback on your photos

Learn about composition

Tips on camera settings

What will you learn?

This a custom session so it’s entirely up to you what you’d like to cover, but in general we can work on the following things in various combinations:

  • General photography advice and training — how to actually shoot when you are out
  • Camera settings advice and tutorials — how to set your camera optimally (especially for street photography)
  • Photo editing tuition — how to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw
  • Photo critique — we go over your photos to review composition, editing, and narrative impact

How it works?

You can purchase as many tickets as you like. One ticket = one hour with the instructor. We can use Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or any number of applicable apps. We will contact you after your purchase to arrange a meeting time and method.

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

1 review for Online Photo Coaching

  1. Deven

    These sessions have been great to hone my editing ability and start to focus my compositions.

    You can really pick the focus with Lucaksz as we will review photos and composition, dig into editing styles, he will direct an edit or help clean up one you’ve done. So it will be good to go in with a plan on what to focus on.

    We started with photo reviews and understanding composition and figuring out what works, what would make a better shot, and how to look for and anticipate moments better. This was very helpful in getting me to take a step back with my photography and look at my focus and my shots to start composing better photographs.

    We would then dive into editing workflows for individual pictures this has helped a lot with giving me new tools to edit with, turning me onto new features in lightroom that I hadn’t been utilizing, and having a better workflow for starting to edit a photo. It’s been a big help in recreating the feeling in the moment I shot the photo.

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