Tokyo Omakase Street Adventure

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This tour is just for you and anyone you'd like to bring along. The price is a flat fee!

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Private Photo Workshop

Max Party Size

4 people


3 Hours






• Hotel Pickup
• Professional photo instructor
• Tripod (if needed)


• Camera
• Food
• Transportation

Minimum Required Gear

• A comfy pair of shoes
• Smarphone or entry-level camera

Custom Experience

Deep Tokyo


What’s the Story?

In Japanese ‘omakase’ means ‘to entrust’ or to leave the decision to someone else. When you go to a sushi restaurant you can order ‘omakase’ and the chef then crafts a meal for you. You get treated to something unique, perhaps a bit outside your comfort zone. But there is the risk that you are served something you don’t like, so omakase is best left to those who have an open mind and love to try new things. That’s what this workshop is all about. Your instructor will decide where to meet and take it from there. You can’t be sure what to expect, but an adventure is guaranteed!

What We’ll Shoot

The beauty of the Omakase Street Adventure is that we don’t know exactly what we will encounter. That’s what makes it exciting! However, we can say that we will focus on street and urban photography, maybe with a touch of urbex. We don’t recommend carrying a tripod and instead travel light and remain open to take in everything ‘as is.’ Your instructor will likely bring one camera and lens, possibly a prime. The idea is to allow for some technical constraints in order to focus on the city, the experience, the adventure, rather than on the technical matters of the camera. And anyway, constraints breed creativity!

Where We’ll Explore

We will head to areas less traveled, and perhaps it might even be your instructor’s first time visiting the place themselves. The point of this workshop is to take the road less traveled, step into the unknown, and embrace whatever comes your way. As an addendum, this workshop is well-suited for those of you who already experienced many of our other photo adventures and are thirsting for something new. If you meet that description, then this is the photo adventure for you. So, be ready to dive deep into Tokyo’s obscure and hidden realms!

What’s the difference with the Bespoke Photo Adventure?

On a Bespoke Photo Adventure, you are in charge. We listen to your requests and create a custom tour based on your interests. Often, our customers ask us to remix two or three of our workshops into a custom 5-hour experience. The Omokase Street Adventure is totally opposite. Your instructor will decide where to go and what to shoot. You just enjoy the ride!

Instructors for this Photo Adventure

1 review for Tokyo Omakase Street Adventure

  1. phil

    I attended the Cyberpunk Streets tour on two nights with Lukasz as my guide. After stumbling across the YouTube channel during early days of lockdown in NY, I have been a fan and avid follower of both Lukasz’s work and the channel. It was a fantasy for years to be able to travel to Japan and to take one of the workshops, with the hope of taking even a single good photograph I could walk away and be happy with. The fantasy became reality, and my expectations were thoroughly exceeded.

    Firstly, Lukasz is the exact same in person as he appears online – down to earth, easygoing, and with an incredible passion for photography and the city of Tokyo. Both tours of 3 hours absolutely flew by. He was so approachable and easy going, and it felt like going out shooting with a friend that happened to be much more familiar with the area. He guided me on some settings initially which was very helpful, and then we were off. I saw parts of the city I absolutely never would have found otherwise, and learned an immense amount about the city and culture as a whole, from someone who was from the west and has lived here for years.

    Even though we spent in total 6 hours together, I could tell that we were barely scratching the surface of Lukasz’s knowledge of this city. He made some tweaks for our second tour based on what subjects I was more interested in during our first session, which was just incredible. There is nothing I would have wanted to be different on this tour and it was truly the experience of a lifetime. You will see the city in a way a tourist otherwise never would, along with the friendliest guide whose passion for the photography and the city is truly contagious. It was the highlight of my trip, and in addition to having an incredible time, I walked away with some of the best photos I have ever taken.

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