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Summer Sale — 6,000 Yen Discount!

EYExplore Photo Workshops & Tours - Summer Sale

We are having a summer sale in anticipation of the autumn wave of travelers to Japan! Every year October and November are some of our busiest months. To reward early-bookers we’ve devised a coupon for 6,000 yen off every order and it applies to all of our photography workshops! But supplies are limited to 30 coupons! This promotion will end on September 10th or if all coupons are exhausted.

Please note: the coupon applies to each ORDER, so if you want to book two workshops and get 6,000 yen off for each one, you’ll have to book them separately with two different orders. There is no way we can impose a limit on coupons per person, so you can do this multiple times if you wish. Basically, hurry while supplies last! There are only 30 coupons available!

For a 6,000 yen discount please use the coupon code: summer-sale-2023

We hope to see you soon!

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