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Tokyo Halloween Street Photography Workshop

Streets of Tokyo Halloween

Hello ghosts and ghouls!! It’s still quite early but the spookiest time of the year is approaching! In Tokyo, this means that some of the wildest nights of the year are imminent in the streets of Shibuya. As every year, Lukasz will be out shooting streets and capturing the costumed merrymakers indulging in the festivities of the largest ‘unofficial festival’ in Tokyo. But this year we are also opening up a new photo adventure in which you can partake: Streets of Tokyo: Halloween. Join Lukasz on a nocturnal excursion into the chaos of Halloween in Shibuya. The workshop will run on 5 nights, once on each evening from October 27th to the 31st, from 8:00pm to 10:30pm in Shibuya. It will be a group session of up to 3 people for a cost of 18,000 JPY per person.

This street photography workshop will focus on flash photography in the streets. You will learn how to use your camera’s flash to capture the raucous moments in raw and vivid detail. As such, a flash is mandatory, preferably one in the hot shoe, but on-camera flashes can also work. This workshop is a bit advanced in terms of photographic skills required, but is also open to beginners who want a challenge! So, join us on this photo adventure into the belly of the beast that is Shibuya Halloween!

Girls night out, Tokyo Halloween style. - EYExplore
Girls night out, Tokyo Halloween style.
A ghastly ghoul in the streets of Shibuya. - EYExplore
A ghastly ghoul in the streets of Shibuya.
Streets of Tokyo Halloween - EYExplore
Don’t worry, it’s not real blood, and he’s not really dead. It’s fake blood and inebriation!
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