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EYExplore News: New Photo Workshops, Expanded Schedule, and a New Team Member!

New Guide: Charles Elliot

We’ve been very busy these past few months to expand our services, starting with the most important change: a new member of the team! We’re very happy to introduce everything to Charles Elliot. He’s a long-time resident of Tokyo and a talented photographer. Even more importantly, he’s an excellent coach, patient teacher, and is here to lead and support everyone who join EYExplore photo workshops here in Tokyo.

Expanded Schedule

Thanks to his help on the EYExplore team, we have been able to expand our schedule significantly. We now offer Tokyo Metropolis and Temples of Tokyo six days a week (Monday to Saturday)! Check out our new and improved calendar to get a bird’s-eye view of our expanded schedule.

Tokyo Vertigo: Revamped

Our Tokyo Vertigo urbex photo workshop has also undergone an overhaul. The workshop now goes from 6:30pm to 10:30pm (now 4 hours long, formerly only 2.5hours) and is no longer limited to one part of the city. We use the extra 90 minutes to go all over Tokyo to the best and most unique rooftops spots in the city. Oh, and it’s no longer limited to weekends. Tokyo Vertigo can now be booked on any night of the week!

Tokyo Vertigo

New Photo Workshop: Kyoto Zen Gardens

Last but not least, we are also proud to present a new photo workshop in Kyoto. We call it Kyoto Zen Gardens—taking a mindful approach to photography and composition. We will take you to some of the less-traveled zen temples of Kyoto, staying away from the throngs of tourists in the more popular locations and delving deeply into our photography without distraction.

Kyoto Zen Gardens

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