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Japan Photography Tour is a Go!

Japan Photo Workshop — Fall Session — EYExplore

We have hit our minimum number of bookings and our Japan Photography Workshop is a go! As a reminder, it runs from November 20 to 30, 2022. Travel restrictions are finally easing, but if you still need a visa to come for the tour, we can help you procure one. The last call for bookings is October 31st, so please consider joining us on this adventure!

Also, we would like to address a few frequently asked questions…

Can I extend my stay before or after the tour?

Yes, you absolutely can! It was possible before, but especially now that Japan has removed the visa requirements for most travelers, coming early or staying longer is no problem at all.

How much free time is there during the tour? Can I do my own thing at some points?

We have lot of activities and locations planned for the tour, but we also left some free time here and there. Of course, some days are more packed then others, but you are never obliged to remain with the group, although we strongly encourage it.

I have already done some EYExplore workshops in the past. How much overlap is there?

There is some overlap with our regular, short-form Photo Adventures. However, Tokyo changes all the time, and anyway, we employ the street photography ethos: it’s about the decisive moment. So, even if we go to the same area twice, the moments are always changing. (I, Lukasz, have been shooting in the same places in Tokyo for over 10 years, and it never gets old.) As for what we teach, we always customize our instruction to your level and creative goals. We promise to challenge your eye!

How much walking is there?

There will be a lot of walking. We want to encourage everyone to come and have fun shooting, but we also don’t want to understate the physical aspect. You don’t need to be a marathon runner or anything, but if walking for 10,000+ steps a day sounds very daunting, then please consider joining this workshop very carefully. And wear comfy shoes!

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