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Japan Photo Tour — Fall 2022 (for real this time)

Japan Photo Workshop — Fall Session — EYExplore

Bookings are now open for the Autumn 2022 session of our Japan Photography Workshop! We have announced and scheduled this tour a few times over the last two years, with the hopes that Japan would open its borders in time. Well, we need hope no more! The border is open, albeit with some stipulations.

Japan is allowing travelers in as long as they are part of a tour organized by a licensed travel provider. Well, you’re in luck because EYExplore has the ability to organize exactly such a tour. We can get you into Japan!

So, join us on a photo adventure around Japan! We will start our adventure in Tokyo, exploring the big city and its hidden locales. Then we’ll go on to Kyoto to photograph its history and tradition. We will also meet a lovely geisha who will pose for our cameras. Finally, we’ll also visit Osaka, a cool metropolis of its own.

We are very much looking forward to this photo adventure with you! Book now!

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