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We Have a Super Discount for You!

EYExplore Special Offer

It’s time that we address the coronavirus situation, how it affects us, and how we are going to move forward. First, it is undeniable that this global crisis is having an adverse effect on all kinds of business—small, medium, and large—with EYExplore being no exception. But, we are very optimistic that in a few months time humanity will prevail and life will return to normal (and hopefully our governments will all be a bit wiser in handling the next epidemic).

When everything does return to normal, EYExplore will still be here, providing the same awesome Photo Adventures that got us this far. In the meantime, we want to let you know we are open, and for the few people who are coming to Japan and wishing to take a photo workshop during this spring, we are here!

However, we understand that walking around the streets and taking photos may be a low risk activity, but getting to Japan is not. With travel restrictions going into effect, and the desire to avoid spending time in large public gathering places such as airports, many travelers have decided to postpone their trips to Japan. We totally get it!

However, we feel that many of you know you will make a trip to Japan at some point in the future. You just do not know exactly when—perhaps this fall, or maybe not till next spring. For those of you who are in this boat, we would like to extend a very special offer. We have created a limited time discount on our gift cards (more like point cards) that can be purchased throughout March 2020 for 50% off!

What does that mean? It means, you can buy a gift card (for yourself or a loved one) for 10 bucks, and the value on the card will be 20 bucks! You get double the value automatically!

At this point, you may be thinking, “what’s the catch?” There are two main ones: Catch #1, you can’t use the gift card until June 1, 2020 (which is less than 3 months from now), and Catch #2, the gift cards cannot be used on certain photo adventures (such as our photo workshops featuring geisha). And that’s basically it, but please check out the gift card page for the full details!

Limited time super discount on EYExplore gift cards: 50% off!

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