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Online Personal Photography Training

Online Personal Photography Training — EYExplore

We are proud to present our first foray into digital education. For a while now, we have played with the idea of doing an online course. We want to help photography learners all over the world, not just the ones who visit Japan. Of course, we are still committed to our top notch Photo Adventures here in Japan. This is our bread and butter!

Having said that, we are taking steps to create an online photography course that distills they key parts of our photo workshops and uses the power of the internet to reach the masses. The first step was the EYExplore YouTube channel which features short, to-the-point videos on photographic topics. It has been growing nicely over the last few months, and we hope it continue to do so.

But today, we move to the second step of our digital strategy: online personal photography training sessions. The essential core of any EYExplore workshop is simply one thing: feedback. Of course, we know our cities extremely well, we know all of the cool spots, and we know how to have fun all along the way. But without giving constructive feedback to our clients we would just be fancy tour guides. We believe we are much more than that—we are coaches, we are personal trainers for photographers.

We wish to apply that same idea to online sessions that focus on photo critique, as well as camera settings and photo editing. To that end, we have created a new service that you can book right here on our site. To put it simply, you can find tons of information about photography online these days, including on our blog and channel, but something that is extremely rare is direct, personalized, live feedback on your photos. This is what we aim to provide to you during a 1-hour Skype call.

And for a limited time, until the end of March 2020, we are offering half-off!

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