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E.T. phone Grandma

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I took this funny shot in Tokyo, near the Asakusa pier along the Sumida river. There are a few sculptures scattered in a park nearby. I was walking casually with a group of friends when I noticed an installation in which you can put your head and see some sort of hanging garden. From the outside it looks like a spaceship. From the inside it looks as if you are transported to another world of green grass and flowers. The flying saucer had more than one hole in it so you could have several heads popping into it. Most people took photographs from within of the object. They found it funny that you could see heads appearing out of grass. However, for me, that was too obvious, too generic—as if the photo was meant to be taken this way. I needed a more personal and interesting perspective on the scene. I found it by stepping back and looking at what was happening from a distance. I realized it was even funnier to see people’s body dangling headless from the holes. What I need was the right subject. Suddenly, an elderly lady with her shopping bags ans a colorful pair of trousers that goes well with the off-white of the object sticks her head in. Bingo!

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