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YOU Explore #1: Tokyo Rooftops in 4×5

Taken on Tokyo Vertigo

Photograph taken on Tokyo Vertigo by Michael Olivares

Read on for more details about how this shot was taken.

1. How did you capture this image? What gear/settings did you use?

The image was taken using an Arca Swiss F-metric 4×5 large format camera, with a 90mm Rodenstock Grandagon lens. This a film camera and I used Fujifilm Velvia 100F which is a positive film which gives very saturated colors.

The settings were EI 200 (pushed 1 stop) at f22 and a 13 minute exposure. I can’t recall exactly what the camera movements were but there was a slight tilt on the front standard and a rise in the rear standard.

2. Where are you from?

I’m from Manila, Philippines.

3. What is your background in photography?

When I was about 12 years old, my mom bought a Nikon F2 and some darkroom equipment. I was a bit of a technical/mechanical geek so naturally my interest in her new hobby was piqued. Basically, it started from there and waned for a bit while I was in College. I picked up the hobby again when I bought a Nikon D70 in 2004. This was later replaced in 2008 by a Nikon D300.

My shooting style never really changed much from film days. Eventually, I got a Hasselblad 503CW, which was like a dream come true. I then bought a Leica M6 which I thought would be the ultimate camera but for some reason, it didn’t resonate with me and I sold it a year later. I the got a Mamiya 7ii and then the Arca Swiss 4×5 F metric.

On the digital front I did buy a Fujifilm X100 and most recently the Xpro-2.

4. Can you share your online portfolio or blog with us?

I use Flickr and Facebook, but I’m just a hobbyist for now and I don’t have what I think is a cohesive portfolio yet. That may change soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “YOU Explore #1: Tokyo Rooftops in 4×5

  1. Fantastic shot, love the composition & exposure!

  2. Thanks for featuring me eyexplore! I have to say that I enjoyed the whole experience! Certainly one I won’t forget.

    Highly recommended for any photographers travelling to Japan.

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