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Get a Slice of Japan with Peko Peko Box

Peko Peko Box - Japan Subscription Box

Over the past few months Axel and I have been working on a new project to bring a slice of Japan to your doorstep: a Japan subscription box called Peko Peko Box.

Seeing as travel is so limited these days, the next best thing is for a box of Japanese souvenirs and treats to arrive and give you a journey of the five senses without the need to set foot outside your door.

In addition to crafting an experience of Japan that can be sent out all over the world, we give access to members-only videos that capture the story of how each edition of the box was put together as well as the stories of the amazing locals who put and their hearts and soul into the items in each box.

Of course, we carefully curate the items that go in each box, but we also make sure to feature places and people well off the beaten path. The major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto have a wealth of local artisans, but there are also thousands of small towns dotting the Japanese landscape that are just waiting to be discovered, which means that even if you’re a Japan regular, you’ll be delighted to with something new in every box.

Through Peko Peko Box you can not only satisfy some your pent up wanderlust, but you can also discover and experience new slices of Japan, and even get inspired for your next adventure! Join us on this journey!

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