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EYExplore Shared Photo Tours are Back!

Tokyo Shared Photo Tours — EYExplore

A few years ago, when the world shut down and the number of tourists in Japan was reduced to a trickle we decided to stop offering Shared/Group photography workshops. The issue was that we would often just get one person and the ‘Shared’ tour became a de facto private session. We don’t mind if this happens once in a while, but it became the norm, so we started offering only private photo tours.

But that’s all over now! Travel is back in full swing in Japan and many people are flocking to the country from all over the world, so we are bringing back Shared Photo Adventures (we use to call them Group Tours). We currently have two available: Tokyo Metropolis in the day time, and Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets in the evenings. Shared photo tours offer two main benefits to you: a lower price and a fun atmosphere where you can meet other like-minded people who are into photography and travel!

So, is a Shared Photo Tour or a Private Photo Tour right for you?

Shared Photo AdventuresPrivate Photo Adventures
Get to meet other travelersGet 100% of the photo instructor’s time
A bit chaotic, with plenty of creative ideas bouncing aroundMore focused and directed, but still organically creative
More affordable, charged per personMore pricey, but charge per session
(up to part of 4 in most cases)
Generally stick to the planned routeTotally customizable
(the route can change on the fly)
Get less 1-on-1 time with the photo instructorEntire session is 1-on-1
(depending how many guests are in your party)
You can’t request your photo instructorYou can request a particular photo instructor
See Shared Photo AdventuresSee Private Photo Adventures

EYExplore in Action
A shared photo tour in action

Why Mostly Private Photo Tours?

Most of our Photo Adventures are private tours because we love to give you 100% of our undivided attention, allowing us to provide personalized guidance, feedback, and advice tailored specifically to your skill level and interests. This is also possible on Shared Photo Adventures too, but to a lesser degree.

Also, a major benefit of a private workshop is flexibility. We can customize the workshop on the fly, which means that not only can the pace and the route can be adjusted as the workshop unfolds, we also can spend more time on a particular technique or an unexpected photographic opportunity.

We also offer Bespoke Photo Adventures which are further customizable: you can set a custom start time and we can remix of our thematic photo adventures into a photo workshop that’s perfect for you!

No matter how you choose to enjoy an EYExplore Photo Adventures we look forward to seeing you here and showing you around!

Laurence and his pupils learning how to use patterns and contrast in street photography at Ebisu Garden Place.
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